I had a really weird dream last night.

Usually when they come in this particular form, I’m always very quick to pray against it. In fact my body detects this things and starts praying subconsciously. (That’s the best way I can explain it). This time around instead of praying instantly, it made me think.

What exactly makes people in abusive relationships stay? In this context, abusive is relative. Not necessarily domestic violence. Perhaps the notion that love or whatever mutual feeling is strong enough to bring about a positively visible change? And then when it gets really intense and unbearable, an escape is inevitable. Peradventure, the partner is question is a junkie, a pursuit of sorts begins.

Usually, I stay clear of controversial subjects like this one. Mostly because I do not have enough evidence/material to back whatever claims I might have held on to. Then again, this things happen and if you’re anything like me, you’d be quick to go all spiritual. Which makes perfect sense because the spiritual controls the physical.

Whilst ruminating over this rather weird dream, I asked myself what I’d do if I ever found myself in such a challenging situation. Of course, no one ever prays or hopes to end up as victims. But the way this world is set up, it never goes the way we envisage.

I like to think that I’m wise enough to see the red flags and act on it immediately without stalling but the way Ebun’s emotions are wired, she might just stay to see how it plays out. Not that I condone such. No, I’ve never been in one. I’m just going around in circles trying to weigh the various albeit realistic possibilities. I’m not gonna┬ápaint a plausible scenario just to feel good about myself.

Really, no-one deserves to go through the torture of an abusive relationship especially if there are kids involved. It’s just unfair and selfish. Like they always say, the warning signs are always there you just need to be observant enough to see them and it starts from little seemingly irrelevant things.


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