State of Mind.

State of Mind.


What do you do when things you do for fun don’t appeal to you any longer?! Those things that you’ve gotten so attached to just break your heart because they aren’t serving their purpose anymore. Sounds like that proverb, ”Don’t put all your eggs in on basket”. Those people that seem to light up your world with their convos are just MIA or have taken a back seat. *sigh. What then do you do?! Life continues….

There are a few things that interest me. Buh due to some terrible mood swings,they somewhat disgust me one way or the other. I’ve watched so many movies at the same time that right now, i can’t sit for more than 2 hours as opposed to my regular 6 hours stretch. I’ll just get bored. Same with music and books. Although my music swing is just exceptional. I could go 6months without them and when i suddenly pick up my earphones i miss them so much that i go hours until i’m bored again. Then it becomes a routine. I dunno. Nothing seems to interest me anymore. Social media has sorta lost it’s essence. Everything just seems so……i dunno what word to use now. Suddenly, conversing with absolute strangers doesn’t sound so exciting any longer. And the ones who aren’t strangers are fighting their own personal battles. What then do we do?! Life goes on…..


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3 thoughts on “State of Mind.

  1. it happens i guess….just like you stated above. sometimes, it’s like you cant even get enough of each of the friends you just had and then after a while, you’re like..huh? what is it?
    the only thing we cant get tired of id the grace of God i guess. we even swim in it each day

  2. babe, i wanted to ask though. pls how can i fix a picture of my liebster award and other stuffs just like the way u did urs on ur blog? i would really appreciate it if you share. thanks

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