Stand Out!

Stand Out!

I guess this is supposed to be like a sequel to my previous post ‘Redemption’

Yeah i know a couple of people especially ladies that would be like ‘Your boyfriend drinks & smokes and you want him to change,what’s the big deal? Park well jare!’ Some might even be LOLing and LMAOing. Anyways i’m not here to criticize,admonish or teach people how to live their lives, i’m just here to educate and possibly inspire you.

A lot of ladies this days don’t have standards. They follow the crowd to do certain things whether it’s right or wrong without even thinking about the repercussions. They don’t have self-respect not to talk of being respected by guys or anyone for that matter. They are not contented so they end up being TOTALLY dependent on guys. Trust guys to also demand ridiculous things in return. Most times they end up being totally influenced by their boyfriends that they join them in drinking and smoking all in the name of having ‘fun’. Very recently,i heard girls have also began smoking weed. SMH. When ure doing all this,how do you expect the same guy to respect you? Correct me if i’m wrong! Because to me,it’s simple logic. The way you dress (apperance,character,charisma) is the way you’ll be addressed.

One thing that was sure in my relationship was that Ben had a level of respect for me. There were certain things he didn’t do in my presence. All the waywardness was pocketed. That was because i set a standard for myself. I didn’t condone certain things even @ that age. He knew me enough to behave in a particular manner. He could behave anyhow with his friends buh with me it was different.

Ladies and Gentlemen,you can’t eat your cake and have it. When you respect yourself,you don’t need to beg people to respect you. You automatically command respect. You need to set certain standards for yourself. You don’t have to do what everyone’s doing. There’s no crime in being DIFFERENT! People will definately talk. They have this false impression you won’t get hooked because of your so-called standards. It’s up to you to STAND UP and STAND OUT! Any guy that wants you will have to rise up to your standards or else he can forget it! Buh please let your standards be reasonable and realistic! Don’t go and set something that’s impossible or unimaginable. You’ll just die single! LOL.

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