Sign Language.


Sometimes last month,I watched a series ‘Switched at Birth’ It was about two girls who were switched at birth by accident.Apparently, one of them down the line became deaf.Yeah deaf! At first when i saw the deaf girl communicating with another deaf guy i was wondering.I was really impressed cause I thought they learnt the sign language just for the movie until I goggled it.It turned out the part of the cast which acted deaf were actually deaf in reality..Wow! I was amazed!I couldn’t believe it.This people have been deaf all their life and somehow they’ve been able to survive.Not only survive but also make a name for themselves.I was blown away! :O :O. At the same time,in my heart I was really happy for them.You know,their disability wasn’t an hindrance.They have learnt to live with it and accept themselves just the way they are.I’m just really glad they can communicate in their own language cause I think that alone gives them an Identity and some sort of security you know. Really whatever situation you might find yourself just give thanks and find a way to survive.Don’t use your disability as an excuse not to succeed and when you do God will surely crown your efforts

This has made me even more grateful and also motivated me.If the deaf can be this successful,then i don’t have any excuse whatsoever..


                                                   Sean Berdy


                                       Katie Leclerc

P.S.They are both deaf and quite successful.

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