Showing God’s Love

Showing God’s Love

Here are 10 ways we can show God’s love;

1. Listen without interrupting.
Proverbs 18v13.

2. Speak without accusing.
Proverbs 3v30.

3. Give without sparing.
Proverbs 21v26.

4. Pray without ceasing.
Colosians 1v9-10.

5. Answer without arguing.
Proverbs 17v14.

6. Share without pretending.
Hebrews 13v16.

7. Enjoy without complaining.
1 Timothy 6v17.

8. Forgive without punishing.
Colosians 3v13.

9. Trust without waivering.

10. Promise without forgetting.
Proverbs 13v12.

Many of us are guilty of some of this things,myself included. I mean how can you not answer without arguing or trust without waivering especially with Nigerians! *We are one of a kind* :D. God will help us. God has shown us that when we abide by this guidelines,we are showing love and not just any kind of love,God’s love. It’s all starts from our heart. Once we love God, loving others or showing love wouldn’t be a problem. We need to reprogram our minds. There are so many things we are used to that seems right but are wrong. So many things that have become norms buh once we have a personal relationship with God,this things will gradually become a thing of the past. God will help us all in Jesus’ name,Amen!


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