Short Girl Problems.

Short Girl Problems.

Typical! My dad actually enjoys torturing me when he sees me climbing forgetting that he handed down the wrong genes.



A couple of months ago, I attended a health screening. By the time I was done with all the tests, I thought I should check my height since I wasn’t particularly sure. (In my mind, I’m like 5”2).So I located the area and joined the queue. After a while it was my turn to step on the BMI machine which I gladly did. When I was done, the lady attending to me gave me a card with my details. I quickly checked for the measurement under height and noticed it was in centimeters. So I settled down and converted it to inches.

First trial: 5”02…..



Second trial: 5”02….


Sigh. Okay. I tried it for the third and final time. There was probably a mistake somewhere.




It took a while for it to actually sink in. All this while, I’d been claiming 5”2 when in actual sense, I’m five-foot-zero.

Which explains a lot.

Explains why 95% of my pictures are head shots because I’m scared to acknowledge that I’m not a tall person.

Explains the attraction to platforms, wedges, stilettos and whatnot no matter how uncomfortable they might seem.

Explains the need to be a bit fashion conscious and not look like a hippie. I love to dress up like a girl once in a while but sometimes it’s stressful.

Explains why people hardly ever take me serious.

Yeah I pretty much literally forget.



Truth is, I don’t even think like my height. (Whatever that means). In my head, I feel like 5”9 because I’m not conscious of it. Even when I stare at the mirror, I don’t see a 5”0 body of 52kg and 22 BMI especially since I’m trying to get abs. I see, for the lack of a better word, a tall and large person. I feel like my whole essence’s trying to fit into this tiny body.



Yes, I know I’m supposed to be happy and content and whatnot, funny enough I am. I’ve just subconsciously been living in denial and now that I think of it, I’m not sure it’s a good thing. (Speaking of which, I think I need to invest in more maxi gowns)

Not everytime! Duhhh!


Sigh. What can I say?



Why Are We Hardly Ever Taken Serious?


No one! Absolutely no one! Not even your parents and it’s soo sad!


There’s this kid I teach French lessons and for some reasons I have issues with getting his absolute attention during class because he thinks he can play planks and get away with it especially since I’m not too far behind him height-wise.

Liiike! Especially in banks!


Over the years I’ve had my fair share of age-allocation. From my dad to the most random stranger on the street. Because I look like your 12 year old sister doesn’t mean you should address me like that. Really it’s not fun. Actually it’s annoying.


My younger brother’s five times my size! He’s literally standing over me. My cousins have a filled day throwing jabs which is honestly exhausting.


This is the height really.


I actually given up the idea of growing taller so.
Hahahaha! Yeah right!



Never ever considered it.




Preach bruther!!!



I don’t even bother buying them


Gosh! Yes! Such a rarity!


Sigh. Life
Like what the hell?!!!




I’m tired of this really!


What is Life?




Such a cliche!


Gosh! Really?


My life


So, I’m appealing on behalf of all the short people all over the world,y’all need to stop torturing us. Life is hard for us as it is.




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6 thoughts on “Short Girl Problems.

  1. LOL!
    Really? People don’t take short people seriously?
    Me I’m afraid of short people oh. My present supervisor is a short woman and I take extra care not to cross her for this reason. I “fear” short people. Small but mighty!

  2. Hahaha but have you heard that in no time only short girls will rule the world? I mean we never have to worry about being taller than our men
    LOL just putting it out there #joking

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