Settling For Less.

Settling For Less.

One of the first few emails I read this morning was a post notification from The Full-time girl. A blog run by Lauren DeMoss which seeks to address issues ranging from both personal to general from a Christian girl’s perspective. Now there aren’t so  many blogs of that kind so you can imagine my inclination to this particular one. Plus it’s unabashedly realistic. No holds barred. (I can’t believe it took me this long to discover it!! Anyways, better late than never).

Long story short, Lauren got engaged!!


Yass!! I’m super happy for her. You’d think she was related or something. Well, she is technically…. in the body of Christ.  LOL.

What stuck me in particular was the post on her love story which you can read here. Simple and straight to the point. After going on several dates, she told God that He shouldn’t allow her date anyone else until the person she was gonna marry and God brought Michael, her brother’s best man.

Now a little background check.
Lauren is a sound Christian with values and standards. One of which involves chastity and she was quite vocal about it. Something I do not have the courage to do…. yet. She was able to overcome all the sorts of pressures without settling for less.

Settle for less.

That is one my biggest challenges right now. Settling for less. Substandard. Below Par. And I’ve always done that.

Once there are options or the lack thereof, Ebun would always settle for less. Always. Bearing fully in mind her values and standards. Inasmuch as she knows and believes that she doesn’t deserve what she’s getting, she goes right ahead. Sometimes she gets hurt, other times she doesn’t. The walls she has built has managed to withstand and absorb all of the pain.

I’m gonna be picking a few things from Lauren’s story. As much as I’m happy she got what she wanted and more, I’m particularly delighted she shared that story. That first paragraph pretty much sums up everything I need and then some.

Here’s wishing Lauren and Michael greater years ahead.

Love, love and more love.

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