Book Review: The Last Black Unicorn – Tiffany Haddish

Book Review: The Last Black Unicorn – Tiffany Haddish

If you did not see the Girls Trip movie earlier in the year, I suggest you do so ASAP to fully grasp the personality of Tiffany Haddish.

In a nutshell, she’s amazing, hilarious and has worked her ass off to be the breakout actress/comedienne of 2017.

Naturally, her memoir,‘The Last Black Unicorn’, which was released in early December had to reflect that.

Side note: Since I recently got into audiobooks, I found that I prefer to listen to books of people that talk the way they write. Case in point: celebrities. Particularly actors and comedians. It’s usually a more enjoyable experience because they can perfectly convey every single emotion in the book. In Tiffany’s case, she was a perfect impersonator. She was so good, she could impersonate every single character in her book. From her mom to her boyfriends, ex-husband and even Kevin Hart.

Now back to the book.

Without revealing too many spoilers, I’ll just go through some of the highlights of book just like I did with Issa Rae‘s.

Her Background

Tiffany Haddish has had a hard life. From her dad abandoning her and her siblings when they were kids to her mum’s accident and subsequently brain surgery which left her as good as a vegetable. To her journey in the foster care system. When your parents are indisposed and unable to perform their parental duties for whatever reason, you become the government’s kid.

The most revealing/shocking part was her inability to read and write up until high school but no one knew because she could talk everyone’s ears off. Her teacher eventually found out and helped her. Then she went through her life and discovered her talent for comedy after going through several jobs. She started comedy at the age of 18 if I’m not mistaken but had to drop it along the line to deal with some personal issues. She eventually picked it up full time later on.

Probably the most fascinating aspect of the book was her relationships with men. She went through a slew of boyfriends including a disabled one and married an unstable and abusive cop unbeknownst to her. She suffered from domestic violence and eventually had to file for a divorce.

Her Career

One of the striking things you would notice about Tiffany Haddish is how hard she has worked in spite of it all. (I mean, she calls herself ‘The Last Black Unicorn’ for a reason). She threw more light on her journey to stand-up comedy and Hollywood in general to show that she did not become an overnight success in 2017. It was just her lucky year.

I kind of expected her to shade Hollywood but she kept it real with just the politics of being a woman in the comedy industry. She talked about how Kevin Hart gave her a shelter when she was homeless and most especially her first encounter with Will and Jada Pinkett Smith.

The funniest part? When Jada tried to school her on being a celebrity. From her fashion choices to her general image. But being Tiffany and afraid of being broke and homeless again, she had a pretty hard time coming to terms with this new lifestyle hence her trust issues with assistants and accountants.

But if her Instagram account is anything to go by, I think she’s doing alright.

This was one of the fastest and shortest audiobooks I’ve listened to. I mean, I bought Gabrielle Union’s We’re Gonna Need More Wine and I’m not even close to a quarter. Then again, I think I have a bias towards comedians because they’re funny (duh) but that means I wouldn’t be buying Kevin Hart’s book until I’m done with Gabrielle Union’s.

It is a 6 hour + book and I was done in less than 48 hours. (Yay! Christmas)

What can I say? I’m rooting from Tiffany Haddish and I definitely cannot wait to watch Night School with Kevin Hart.

The Last Black Unicorn is avaliable on Amazon.

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