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Hey Guys! 😀

*heaves a sigh*
Wow! It’s that time of the month again! Yes!! It’s the end of the month of May!!! God has been so faithful from January till date. If i begin to count my blessings,i won’t finish this post. I’m just so thankful!!

Wow! This month has been……this month! Yeah i’m lost for words. I dunno what to say/write. It’s been overwhelming especially concerning this blog. I’ve had loads of inspiration to write on which i was soo excited for. I received my very first Liebster Award. *whoop!! (More to come IJN). I also had shocking revelations i must say. You know that feeling when someone you’ve known for a long while just reveals something out of the blue. It just takes you off balance then you find yourself reminiscing the times you had together. Anyways that’s all in the past. There was also an overflow of emotions. Wow! I remember writing a post and crying at the same time. (Actually there were 2. Search for yourself -__-) That was really emotional for me. There were relationship tips as well as dreams and realities. And not forgetting the very dreaded Writer’s block. Ugh! I was so happy to overcome it!!.
My Natural Hair Activism also took off on a good start. (I promise a post on that). I found myself encouraging more ladies mostly on my TL to go natural. I was at the peak of converting @IRepEfeh. I encouraged her to take her time and do loads of research. As they say Knowledge is Power. I don’t want her to have any form of regret at the end. If she eventually succumbs, she’ll be my very first product. :D. In all it is/was a good month i must say. I think i wrote more original contents than any other month. Can’t remember now.

As always i’m really looking forward to a new month especially because it’s my birth month ^_^ and that of my dad’s and also because i’m expecting something really big from God. Yeah! So i can’t wait. I’m soo excited!! *rubbing palms* :D. Not forgetting more and more blogspiration. I’m looking forward to writing more and more posts :D.

My work here is done.
See y’all next month 😀

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