It’s that time of the month again!

This month has been quite unadventurous. Nothing serious,exams here and there except for a particular incident. Remember my 1st post this year,i said i was trusting God for something really big this year?! Well, the good news is the 1st part of my prayers have been answered! Halleluyah!!! You can imagine my euphoria! Something my mum has been looking forward to for the past 20 years!! Wow! It can only be God. Even though the whole process isn’t completed yet, i still believe God has a bigger package for me. He said EVERYTHING will be done in due time. So i’m just taking my time and waiting for the blessings to overwhelm me!

Apart from that,no biggie. Done with exams for this semester,moving on to a new level. Thank God for all even though the school server this year wasn’t helpful @ all and it kinda affected my grades. In all i’m still grateful.

I also got new hair and skin care regimen and followed them religiously. Thanks to all the hair blogs ive been to. I think i read more this month than in my entire life. Special S/Os to Daboju of (naija hair can grow), Funbi of (datfunkyfo) and Bassey of (lushstrands). Thank y’all for the inspiration.:)

Lest i forget, i got a new crush! :D. Up until now,ive derailed from that lane & avn’t been crushing on anyone apart from Lynxx ;). So this came as a surprise. Anyways his name is Nnamdi,a few years older than i am. He’s an IT personel (i think) and my on/off invigilator during this past exams. I was always looking forward to writing in his class. Funny enough it wasn’t even his looks that got me,it was his attitude & charisma. The way he attended to each student young & old was just…wow! He is just so caring and EXTRA nice. He didn’t raise his voice when he was called several times to fix the server problem buh took his time to answer every single person. I didn’t even pay much attention to him until the day of my last paper. As usual my system had problems buh this time he sat with me and went through all 120 questions with me! *phew! *fans self* i don’t think i can explain my feelings @ that point in time! ;). Did i mention he’s also cute. A proper TDH. I really hope i see him again & maybe just maybe tell him as Feranmi ‘advised’ who knows? What do u guys think?

Anyways that all for this month,even though it wasn’t quite as i would have wanted it to be,it was still memorable. What more could i ask for?! 😀

Happy Easter Y’all.

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  1. Well it depends on your school rules! From personal experience,u should study him well before telling him. If he’s a cool guy tell him and get it over with. Cheers

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