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This morning, after months of procastination, I finally got around to read ”Getting a Job is a Job by Aruosa Osemwegie” which has been sitting comfortable by my bedside. Anyways, the author said a whole lot of things (The review will come up in a couple of days) but i was more interested in the part where he talked about ”Self Discovery” and how it’s the road to self-mastery and leads to self-liberty. That particular chapter just boiled down to discovering and developing ourselves for that dream job. As usual, this got me thinking, a little self-evaluation wouldn’t be out of place. Infact i think the timing’s just perfect as my birthday was a couple of days ago. This is a period to look back at the past year and make necessary corrections so that there will be a high level of improvement instead of just going round in circles repeating the same thing. As well as instill the necessary values and set standards.

Well, today i’m gonna be sharing some established facts that have shaped my orientation and mindset over the past year.

1. It’s all about God. Really! It cannot be over-emphasised. You’re either for Him or against Him. You either have a relationship with Him or not. You either acknowledge Him or not. You can’t be on the fence. Trust me, life’s so much easier and bearable with God by your side because with Him absolutely NOTHING is impossible.

2. I’ve realised i’m more of an optimist. I really don’t see evil in others even if you tell me. I’ll still be involved until it’s staring back @ me. I always believe no-one is unredeemable.

3. Marriage isn’t and shouldn’t be a yardstick for fullfilment. ”Distorted Nigerian mentality”.

4. On the other hand true fullfillment is knowing your purpose and accomplishing it with or without a spouse.

5. You can read your way to greatness.

6. You are capable of doing ANYTHING you set your mind to do just with the right attitude and determination.

7. Death is no respecter of persons. Instead we need to look forward to life after death and make the right decisions while on earth. ”what does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?”.

8. You can totally abstain. Redirect your thoughts and keep yourself occupied. Some things wouldn’t even come up. (There are one million and one books to read on Goodreads. You’re welcome).

9. You can be cool and different. It’s cool to be different. There’s this sort of fresh air when you’re not following the crowd.

10. Poetry ROCKS!

11. Lists are important. Wish list, bucket list, 21 things whatever. They have a way of keeping you on track and setting new challenges.

12. Regular self-evaluation is also VERY important.

13. I am my Writings. My Writings are me!

14. You cannot afford to be ignorant in this 21st century! Google is your friend.

15. There’s really no point in dating if you’re not prepared for marriage. (Boyfriends come with drama).

16. I.Love.My.Solitude.


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