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Last year, shortly after I turned 20, I made a list of things I would love to do before turning 21 which, truth be told, I fairly accomplished. The list was based mostly on my expectations for the particular period and the coming year. Anyways, this was supposed to come up on my birthday eve two weeks ago but the situation and mood surrounding that period deterred me. Well, it’s a new year and even though I wasn’t able to cross out a few things. I’m quite impressed with the ones I did. Hopefully some will crossed over and others left behind, sadly. Lol.

Alright shall we?

1. The Big Chop!
This was really huge for me and basically the highlight of my year. Irrespective of whatever bashing and demeaning comments I might get, I’m glad I made that decision

Big Chop 24th December 2013

2. Read at least 20 new books on Goodreads.
I don’t even understand how this didn’t happen. I think for a long time, I struggled to accept the advent of ebooks and somewhat deprived myself of so much greatness. Anyways, if you’ve noticed I’ve been on a roll this past month. Hopefully I should accumulate them all by the end of the month. This will cross over. I’m looking at a 50 mark.

3. Get a Nikon/Canon camera.
Sad but true. Anytime I think about it, a new feeling of depression envelopes me so I don’t think about it anymore neither do I visit photography websites. But on the flip side, I got trained.

4. Get a new Laptop
Sigh. My good ol’ rugged PC is yet to get a sibling. Soon though, soon.

5. Leave Nigeria.
The plan was to leave. I don’t even know what I’m still doing here. God probably has a better plan and it looks like He’s gonna use my mum as a vessel especially as regards the recent insurgencies.

6. Have a work-out routine
I’m impressed and happy that for the first few months, I took this seriously and followed religiously until my jump rope broke. Don’t ask how. Anyways, I’m trying to live healthy now, embracing the organic lifestyle and it’s pretty good. I like the rate at which I’m going. It’s a gradual thing. Baby steps. Even though I’m still kinda restricted with my folks and all. I can’t really eat or cook the way I think is healthy because Nigerian parents.

7. Open an Instagram account.
Pretty hard to believe huhn? Well the forces beyond my control are trying but they won’t prevail.

8. Get a new makeup kit.
I didn’t even remember. For a long time even till now I’ve just been fine with my basics (i.e. Foundation, Powder, Eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and lipstick) even though I really don’t mind a new kit. Thing is, I’m trying to be less dependent on makeup you know. Plus all my money went into hair products. What can a girl do?

9. Learn fluent French.
I’m so ashamed of this. As a French major, my fluency is rather disappointing.

10. Move to a self-hosted blog.
Yess! Finally! Take a look around will you? After my BC, this is easily the next big highlight of my year.

11. Have a Poetry-Duet.
This was actually accidental sort of. Tomi wrote this beautiful poem here and I replied here and then Voila! a duet. I still want an actual premeditated one though.

12. More Freelance writings.
Sigh. I’m so glad I wrote more. I wrote to the extent of getting recommendations. I still need to write more though and maybe get a diploma in Creative Writing.

13. Make new friends.
Yeah right! My social life is inherently non-existent. Truth is, I’m not even trying. Social media has sort of bridged the gap and filled the void but even at that. I hope this phase pases though. *shrug. Although Tolu is an exception so.

14. Revamp my playlist with Jesus Culture,Hillsong et al.
Special shoutout to Sola, one of my Twitter friends. I spent a greater part of my year revamping my playlist and purging myself of irrelevant and futile music which of course helped a great deal. Problem is, the love-hate relationship I have with music might not end anytime soon.

15. Stay off social media for one week.
Loooooool! Oh dear! My social media fast is definitely crossing over!

16. Do something out of the ordinary and make someone smile.
Aww! Anytime I think about this, I smile because that person smiled a lot too.

17. Go on a date. (With or without a Partner)
Okay. I may or may not have turned down slash stalled a potential date. Best believe that I’ve never been on a date before now so the new rule is to take myself out at least twice a month. Whatever it is; movie dates, spa dates, whatever! Just. Dress Up. And. Go. Out. Fin!

18. Go without Coke for a week.
During the course of the year, in my broke days, I think I may have taken a mandatory coke fast. Not particularly sure now.

19. Have a photo shoot (Been too long)
Does this count? No?


20. Try something new (Anything legal)
Phew! Something. New. Legal. I honestly can’t remember.

21. Paint nails with Neon polish or something wild. (My standard is Nude & Black).
(Now that I think of it, this is actually silly -__-) After writing this last year, I sort of purchased a couple of neon polishes which surprisingly suits my skin color.

That was fun. Lol. Sigh. What a year!
My 22 things list is still underway. Yes this things take time although I might be gracious enough to give a sneak peak. Take a look.

22 Things
1. Learn how to drive
2. Get fit!
3. Read and write 30 book reviews onΒ Good reads
4. (Re)dye my hair(ends)ombre- brown.
5. Add Ayurvedic treatments to my hair and skincare regimen
6. Get internship(s)
7. Try vlogging.

Hopefully it would be completed and posted soon.


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  1. Nice. I just realised your blog is self-hosted. (how do you do that without paying $0.99), and I congratulate you! I went on a massive Twitter fast, thanks to school, and my Hillsong playlist got longer this year too! Oh, and the big-chop (you inspired this in your own little way, thank you) Perseverance is key, miss, just keep at it! Ciao

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