Hiya Good People!
How are y’all doing?!

I just realised i haven’t had any form of drama in a while. In like 6 months or thereabout. I mean No boy(friend) drama, no girl(friend) drama, bestie drama except Mother drama. My mum’s kinda on leave and has been home for a while so i have to deal with her overbearing atttitude DAILY! *rme. Apart from that, my life’s been practically stress-free. Kinda. I have very few friends and i’m so terrible @ keeping in touch. I kinda expect my friends to check on me and not the other way round. Selfish I know. Except you’re exceptionally special or you have a place in my heart. Then i might actually think of you no offense -____-

Anyways, what was i saying again?! Drama! Right! Yeah so i think i’ve succeded in ejecting people that are bound to stress me out or have stressed me in the past. (Did i mention i hate stress?! Erm no i didn’t. I do with passion. One of the reasons why cooking isn’t my favourite thing). Uhm, moving on so at this point in my life, i have a peace of mind. I dunno. At least that’s how i feel. I’m basically looking towards the future. I’m not dwelling in the past or crying myself out of a heartbreak or fighting a fellow girl over ridiculous things you know. I’m just positive and optimistic. Negativity isn’t my thing. I’m taking each day as it comes and just appreciating God for it.

I have a feeling this state-of-mind might soon come to an end. 🙁 i’m not gonna be in my comfort zone forever. Challenges are gonna come and they’re gonna hit hard. So right now, i’m just gonna enjoy the moment because it might now come again. Buh on the positive side, i think it will buh it wouldn’t be as liberating as this.

P.S: Don’t have boyfriends,they come with drama! :|. Instead concentrate more on yourself and achieve your dreams. :).

P.P:S: Special Shoutout to my very tiny circle of friends: Feranmi (Official_Agbero),Dunni (dunniie_),Bolaji (anti social network),Deola and Ola. Y’all are always in my heart 🙂 and not forgetting Mudi(Oluwamudi) and Sola(Replacement2). I really hope to meet you guys someday :).


10 thoughts on “#RandomMoments”

  1. Ebun love you know I’m always here for you. Love you. Nice post. Yeah! Boyfriends come with drama

  2. Yeah right! Boys come wv drama tho, buh d TLC is sometimes needed! Buh a time-off is something I vote for(once in a while oo)

  3. I guess keeping in touch is such a hard job for Lagosians I understand not becos am guilty ooooh *wink* I just understand and why in fashola’s name wud u say Boyfriends come with Drama let’s not explore that now cos u wud agree with me Girls defines Drama! (U might like to put some before the Girls) another word for drama is Girlfriends check the New improved Chambers learner Dictionary #nuffsaid
    awwwww she called her friend *huggsss* I wanna see u too let’s make it happen before u say *I Do* pls
    P.S u need to make Cooking one of ur favourite thing to do, it saves a lot both when single n when married take it from a Friend who Loves to EAT!

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