So i am soo bored and i can’t get any sleep so i have just decided to blog about random or not-so-random things.
If there’s one thing i always look forward to in the new year is the first Thanksgiving Service of the year.
I’m always so excited about this. Apart from the new clothes and all *winks* I get to dance like crazyy ( btw, im not a very good dancer buh when it comes to Church, wow! I’m something else :D). You know, it’s thanksgiving ; a time to thank God for the previous year, for crossing-over and for the new year. Also a time to thank God from the depth of my heart for the things He has done, the things He is doing and the things He will still do. So for me,it’s a special sunday, i don’t know about anybody else. I get all excited when it comes to the things of God especially Praise and Worship. Asinn I’m a worshipper. I love to worship God. It’s something that gives me great joy! It has a way of uplifting my spirit you know. I love that feeling! So i can’t wait!
So i’m going to get ready, put on my dancing shoes and i hope the choir don’t disappoint. 😀 😀

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