Random Musings on Nigeria

Random Musings on Nigeria

Hiya Good People!

When it comes to Nigeria,i always say i’m neither an activist nor a patriot. Nothing seems to freak me about her. Maybe because i’m partially Nigerian 😉 I dunno. I’ve always been so indifferent about a lot of things. I’m just someone who’s lived in Lagos,Nigeria practically my whole life and own a Nigerian Passport. I’m not much of a traveller don’t blame me. Maybe that also contributes to the whole issue. Buh Lagos is the happening place,i don’t think i’ve missed so much or maybe i have. Rural life doesn’t excite me. People’s hypes and praises don’t move me. If it’s not better than Lagos or close to New York don’t bother me. IMO Calabar and Portharcourt are overrated. 😐 that’s what i think. Never been there. Don’t plan to. Maybe because i am not supposed to be here to begin with.In the midst of all this i-don’t-care attitude, a couple of things still stand out for me. Some things i’ve grown to love in the course of my unadventurous life. Some things that allows Lagos to be reckoned with. As i said earlier i can’t speak for Nigeria as a whole because of my under-exposure. LOL. I can only speak for my ‘backyard’. :).

1. I’m not a foodie neither am i a food fanatic. Buh one thing i love about Lagos is the famous Ewa Agonyin and Agege Bread. Give me that in the morning and you will make my day. I’m also a fan of junk/roadside food. I believe they always have their unique taste and can properly cater for assorted meats. (i’m also extremely cautious) My favourite traditional food is Amala & Ewedu & as usual assorted meats. *sigh #bliss. Lest i forget, the ever faithful Boli and Groundnut.

2. I have so much love for African prints a.k.a Ankara. I think it defines us as a people and it’s versatility is just out of this world!

3. I also love the conventional Yoruba attire. The complete regalia is just so graceful. I so can’t wait for my Trad wedding. 🙂

4. I’m not crazy about Nigerian music and movies. I think many of them lack creativity and content. I’m not gonna say more than that.

5. When it comes to praising God in church,i don’t think there are any set of people in the world that can beat Nigerians to it yet! With the right set of instrumentals and choristers, they are unstopppable!! No wonder God keeps blessing us.

6. I like the fact that a lot of natural products can be derived in Nigeria. Instead of depending on commercial products, homemade products have proven more effective.

7. The very famous Gala and LaCasera. Traffic shopping has been saving lives since 1910. LOL. Especially with this crazzyy weather. Those guys should be given some kind of award. They also add to the Lagos drama.

8. Need i forget the very hyper- active over-zealous Danfo Drivers & Conductors. LMAOO. The passengers also add to the fun with their arguments and discussions. I’m always at the corner giggling. 🙂

9. Generally,Nigerians are warm,friendly,hospitable,passionate and accommodating set of people. *standing Ovation*. Highly intelligent and Ultra smart. I think to an extent i’m proud to be associated with this set of people.

10. And then Nigerian Twitter. People can talk!!!! Choiii. You don’t want to fall a victim. They will literally take your life. Just be like me and be mellow.

Don’t get me wrong, i love Nigeria as a whole,i’m not just patriotic enough so Please Don’t Judge me and i won’t judge you. LOL. Different strokes for different folks.

My work here is done.

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