Random Facts About Me

Hiya people!
It’s been a while I did a random facts post so here we go. Yess! I love to talk about myself. I’m conceited like that. ^_^

I love to read. I could read for days. Just put me in a library filled with books of my favourite authors.

I love to write and create content. Lemme tell you a secret; often times I strive to write an average of 20 posts every month. Sometimes I surpasses it other times I struggle with it probably because of lack of inspiration and whatnot. But on a good day I love to think about the most random things and write about it.

I love to wear and apply makeup. *coversface* I hope that counts. I have tons of books on makeup. Although I still need to hone my skills, perfect it, become a pro and maybe train others.

I love to photograph. I can’t imagine anyone not loving the splendor of photography. In the a couple of years I’ll be a Pro. :D. Watch this space..

I love to research even though it could be quite overwhelming sometimes especially when I’m doing it consecutively.

I used to love knitting. It’s been a whillle. Mufflers and the rest.

I’m a talker. I think I’ve mellowed a bit now. I’ve learnt how to listen more, and talk less. Like a friend of mine said, I’m become somewhat reserved and I agree with him. All the convo goes on in my head.

I used to have a phobia for 3rd Mainland Bridge. Yeahh. I thought I was weird until someone on BellaNaija made the same comment. But I think I’ve overcome that especially since I’ve been on the island a lot this past month.

I also have a phobia for spirogyra and green things. I get irritated easily.

I cry over the most random things. The other day, I was going through a wedding on Bella Naija and before I knew it, I was all teary. Same thing happens with music and movies. Infact that one is the worst. Especially those ones that have happy endings. I can’t remember now, there was a scene(s) that touched me in Fast 6. Same with City Hunter. That one was a different story entirely.. You’ll think I was part of the cast. I probably cried all through. Yeah. Can you imagine? Smh. LOL. I guess I’m a very emotional person but isn’t everyone? No? Nvm. LOL

Alright. These are the few I can remember now.


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  1. I have a phobia for spirogyra aa well. I get irritated wah too easily and it’s almost becoming a problem as it’s almost unavoidable

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