Have fun. Take breaks. Discover new things. Live.
Love. Be a friend. Don’t be an enemy.

Forgive yourself. Love you. Learn. Be curious. Laugh….a lot. Be kind. Find meaning. Understand what’s important to you. Know your values (mine are honesty, integrity, kindness and sharing…..
just to help you along!)

Learn to study. A bit everyday. Don’t wait for the
big exams to come. Learn to study. A page at a time. One day at a time. Develop study skills. Always have a pen and paper to hand. Write.
What you understand and what you don’t. Don’t be ashamed of asking. Of questioning. Of
not knowing. That’s the best way to know…..by

Don’t let who you were yesterday…and didn’t
like…..stop you from being who you want to be

Live. Make decisions. Follow your passions. Be
self-aware: know who you are, whose you are…and what you’re born for. Discover yourself. Write. Read. Write. Don’t stop. Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Stand up for what you believe in. Don’t worry if your friends don’t understand your point of view.

Be yourself. Live. Be free. Even if you are a Nigerian and committed to a life of respect. Respect yourself but don’t be afraid. He’s not your father, she’s not your mother, auntie, neighbour. You can speak your mind. Respectfully. Be respectful.

Embrace failure. That’s a good way to learn.
Actively review what and were you went wrong
– admit defeat then, but celebrate the learning.
Courage is trying. Is attempting. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Before you ask you have a 50% chance of a yes or no.Sometimes, we think we know what the other person is thinking. Very often, we have NO idea.

Learn about other cultures. Respect those who
think differently from you. You don’t have to
accept it….only respect it. Ask. What’s the worst answer you could receive? You might think it will be a NO but you will be stunned at the yes!

I live by this principle – its changed my life; Its a great thing to learn early!!!!!

Explore the world. Go places. Read random
things. Paint…in watercolour. Write. Sing. In the
shower. Learn to crochet, to bead, to collage with paper and glass. Decoupage.

Discover spices. And world cuisines. One by one. Note the differences, but study the similarities.
The Dutch have a version of our Nigerian puff-
puff, they call them olieballen. The French call
them beignets. The American have a variation
called the cream puff. The Italians call them bomboloni. I could go on.

We’re more alike than different. Live with a sense of wonder. We can learn from any and everyone.

Finally Love. Yourself. And others. And the world.
There’s an infinite amount of good in life to
discover. Know when to call it quits and start afresh.

I went to Uni in Naija for 3 years, was unhappy with the frequent school strikes, quit, moved to Liverpool and started from scratch. 16 years later, I remind myself of the courage I demonstrated when I was young.

Keep an achievement list. Seize opportunities. Develop your creative side. Be an ambassador for Nigeria. Whatever aspect you like of who Nigeria is – food, culture, fabric,history.

Understand your body. Know when you need to
rest. Relax. Refresh.

Fall in love with Paris. Please.

Use your hands to craft. Braid hair, weave,

Be young. Free. Full of courage. Hope. Wonder. Smile. Live. Love.

– Kitchen Butterfly(2013)

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