Quote Of The Day: On Making New Friends.

“I’m at that point in my life where I’m trying to ”avoid” the company of my old friends because of my faith. I’m always giving the excuse that I’m busy but in reality I simply can’t connect with them anymore.
Recently, I realised I was gradually becoming a recluse. The idea of making new friends sounds great but for now, I’d rather just be by myself and enjoy my own company.

P:S I have less than 5 friends atm.”

– EB.

3 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: On Making New Friends.”

  1. Well to me,it is betta to have few friends dat make impact in ur life,than having millions of useless friends. And I believe with time more would come.

  2. I totally agree but at the same time I’ve learnt that even if you decide to stop being friends with someone, you should do it in a way that there’s no beef later on. Just slowly drift apart, there’s no telling where you’ll meet these your “old friends” in the future and who might need whose help

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