Q & As

Q & As

One of my goals this year is to apply for an internship in a photography studio. Without jumping the gun, it looks like the opportunity has sort of presented itself. Inasmuch as I believe I’m qualified and would be picked, there’s still some level of doubt and uncertainty. It’s actually my first time. I’m looking forward to a face-to-face interview where my decision would be tried and tested. And so I’ve prepped some mental cliche questions that I’m gonna try and do justice to just in case. You know what they say; be prepared!
Here goes nothing,

”Why did you choose photography?”
– The truth is the idea of being a professional photographer still seems surreal but it sure as hell feels good. Photography for me came by accident. Ironically, growing up, I was always running and ruining my face anytime I found myself in front of the camera. And then almost two decades down the line, I’m here picking up pieces of what has gradually become a passion and turning it into a profession. Basically, I think photography found me and I gladly reciprocated. Then again, I have always been fascinated by the picture quality of the print media majorly lifestyle and fashion magazines so I guess it was gonna come around eventually. And then I realised it wasn’t totally utopian, it was something I actually could do if I was dedicated enough and so I went for it.

”What does photography mean to you?”
– For me, photography means ”freedom to create”. It means capturing memories and freezing time. It’s an art that requires a certain level of creativity. Being able to tweak the various settings and techniques to create a unique style. That is what photography is to me.

”Do you still have doubts about the profession?”
– But of course like every new venture, there are doubts and uncertainties initially. Yeah I do but I think(pray) overtime,they would be worked on. Other than that, I’m in it to win it. It’s all or nothing!

”As a newbie, what are your expectations?”
– Truth is I’m expecting growth. Viable progression. Expansion. Professionalism. Brand development because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. I look forward to eventually working side by side with people I look up to in the industry but in the mean time, I’m just gonna lend my services by assisting them.

”What exactly do you find daunting about the profession?”
– Honestly, for now the techniques. There are times when they all seem like gibberish and I just wanna toss them out of the window and just shoot. But you know having an in-depth understanding of those techniques and using them appropriately is what makes you stand out from the average camera-owner. Then there is the issue of intimidation. You see, I’m not particularly tall and so there is this fear that I probably wouldn’t be taken seriously but I’ve decided to let my work do the talking. Let people see and find it difficult to attribute it to me because it’s unbelievable.

”What genre(s) of photography are you looking forward to major in?”
– I recently attended a seminar where we were advised against specialty rather we should be able to handle any genre. That’s what makes one an all-round photographer and I couldn’t agree more but I’m particularly fascinated by Maternity & Newborn as well as Street and Travel photography even though I would also love to try my hands on all genres you know to test the waters.

”What exactly drives you?”
– Everytime I log into Pinterest, I see the level and depth at which photographers worldwide have gone. That definitely drives me. The works of prolific photographers like Jide Alakija and Lola Akinmade Akestrom sure inspires me to even get better.


Lol! This feels more like an online interview. After writing this, I feel like I’m getting wayy ahead of myself especially since I’m just starting out. I guess my thoughts are moving faster than my hands. Right now, I’m taking a look at the future which is about 2-5 years in this context and I’m just smiling. I love love what I’m seeing. Now it’s up to me to bring that into actualization by actually making it work.

Sigh. I feel so much better now. I’m glad I actually did this. It’s one thing to think about it, it’s another to implement it. I love that I could always make reference to this down the line.


Update: I wrote this before the blog went on hiatus. Also attended the interview and it turned out well. It wasn’t exactly what I planned or expected but it was great.




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  1. I only hope you didn’t end up using the lines on intimidation. I don’t believe it’s a possibility you should be concerned with.

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