Purity Over Lust

Purity Over Lust

EVERYTIME i log into Twitter my Timeline must have a couple of ‘sexual’ tweets and that’s on a good day. There are times when it gets so much that i get disgusted and log out! Well….later on i realised i had the wrong set of people on my TL so i began to unfollow. Contrary to the Twitter norm, i’m really not interested in the number of followers i have. I just wanna be educated, inspired and @ the same time be entertained or what is the whole essence of social networks??!
It’s just so sad how my generation is so ‘obsessed’ with sex. You need to be on Twitter to know how much! It’s just absurd!! What happened to sex being sacred and practiced by those that are married??! Do people even realise the gravity of pre-marital/casual sex??!! Apart from the fact that it’s a sin, its a spiritual transaction that involves the exchange of destinies. It’s something that bonds you and that person FOREVER!!! You then ask yourself why people especially couples have problems later in life not knowing they’ve done something wrong in the past. Then they start running helter skelter from one church to another looking for solutions when God has commanded you to abstain! Why will i in my right mind sleep with someone later to have all sort of problems?? What kind of pleasure is that? I mean what sort of transaction is that?? It’s just so sad that the devil is using sex as a prey for many youths and they are all falling for it!! How sad 🙁 :(.
One of the reasons why I love God is because He said in His word that ‘ALL things work together for good to them that love the Lord to them who are called according to His purpose’. To me it’s simple logic when you live according to His word, a lot of problems are averted! Apart from the temptations,you live life peacefully and enjoy the grace of God. I mean that’s how i feel. If everyone can just take time out to study the scriptures, i mean your lives would be better off!!
I also feel that when you abstain there’s a level of respect your spouse will have for you especially if He/She loves God. God himself will teach you how to love in ways that you can’t even imagine! Why will i want to trade that for anything?? I don’t think so.
Those of us that have decided to remain Celibate, i pray God will see us through and give us the grace to stay firm to our decisions and at the same time we also need to play our part; FLEE FROM ALL FORMS OF TEMPTATION!!!

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7 thoughts on “Purity Over Lust

  1. “To me it’s simple logic when you live according to His word, a lot of problems are averted!” << you said it perfectly, it's as simple as that.

    In every area of life, once we step outside from doing things God's way, by logical default, we will be in the path of trouble.

    God is life, God is good, God is love, everything apart from God is death, bad, and hate, and that is the devil's realm. Yet when things go wrong, people will start wondering where God is. It's sad, because it's so simple. I pray we all come to the Truth, of how much God loves us and only wants the best for us, in sex, in relationships, in love, and all things. So if a man is to cleave to only his wife, even if we don't know why, but at least we know that if God said it, then it is the best for us!

    God bless you plenty, great post, and cheers to a delicious 2013!!!

  2. Me lovve this post so much…just read it and it really touched me particularly because am a guy, and u Know how we get easily tempted by what we see.anyways I have decided to depend on the grave of God , just like U said to keep me celibate until I marry the special person God has for me..I remain loyal to ur blog o, they keep me inspired.thanks Hun..xo

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