Pretty much social commentary.

Pretty much social commentary.

Hi there.

It’s been a minute. As usual as part of my unadventurous life [I’m not complaining] I was home all weekend trying to recover fully. The past few weeks have been rather challenging healthwise but thank God for divine healing. But then, the harmattan decided to take it’s full course this weekend. Smh. I.Hate.The.Dryness. Ughh! Anyways, I was actively active on Twittersphere and the only thing I can say is I’m highly disgusted.

1. Almighty Beyonce.
She dropped a bombshell album and the internet went bonkers! She literally shut down cyber world. I didn’t realise until Friday that she has become a sort of deity. ”A self-proclaimed queen” Gosh! it’s sickening and frightening! Trust her voltrons to come at you if you even try to voice a conflicting opinion. If Jesus had come on that friday night, more than half of the world would have been left behind.
It’s just an album!
It’s just Beyonce!
It’s just Chimamanda!
For crying out loud.
They are human. Mortals like you and I.
As far as I’m concerned this is modern idolatry. #ShootMe!
People are literally worshipping her and her music. No doubt she is a fantastic singer, I was once a fan but I know better know. Infact it took a really long time for me to detach myself from the chains of her ”music” like every other secular musician I used to listen to.[It hasn’t been easy and I’m not perfect]. I have a problem with the kind of songs she sings. Apart from the fact that she clearly isn’t glorifying God with her content, her music doesn’t speak to me.. I can’t relate with it. Coincidentally I stumbled on the lyrics of one of the new songs, I think Partition on LIB and I’m like, really? It was so explicit. She didn’t even leave anything out. Sigh. I have better things to do really.

2. False Identities
Some people really have lots of time on their hands. They have time to script a plan and carry it out effortlessly. They have time to open fake accounts using fake identities making up lies, deceiving people and toying with their emotions. It really baffles me. But then it’s the internet. Anything and everything can happen! Twittersphere was abuzz on Saturday, two ”catfish” handles were uncovered. Long story short, some people were affected emotionally. These identities had maliciously preyed on their followership and fed them with lies. Bad thing was I was almost a victim because one of the handles in question was following me and vice versa. We tweeted at each other a few times. She even created a new blog and asked me to oversee it. I did and gave her feedback with words of encouragement like I always do. Anyways I’m glad that didn’t escalate into some kind of twitter-friendship. I’ll probably just be crying now which I almost did. Moral of the story:
Trust your instincts.
Any account without a FB/Linkedin/any other social network on the Google search engine is most likely a catfish.
These are perilous times and people are desperate.
End of story.


In other unrelated but exciting news, the blogversary is in less than 24hours. *whoop! I’ll just save all my eulogies for tomorrow.


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