Pastors Are Human Just Like Us

Pastors Are Human Just Like Us

I attended a new church today. Much to my mother’s chagrin. Somehow, she believed I was going to stick with her and go through the conventional route but I wanted out. After all, I’ve been in the same church for more than ten years. I was definitely due for a change.

Church was electrifying. I have a thing for churches that prioritize worship and I had a full dose in a 90 minutes service. When I was done, just outside my house, I bumped into my ex and exchanged pleasantries. Of course, I asked what church he attended and I was quick to chip in the church I was coming from. He made a snide comment at the Pastor that stirred in me.

Fast forward to a few hours later, after deliberating over it repeatedly, I shared my new experience with my mother. I wasn’t expecting her approval or anything, I just needed her to know. When I was done, I waited for the disapproving remarks to follow. It didn’t exactly come but her body language was everything I needed to know.

Where did we get the idea that ministers of God are supposed to perfect? Where did that come from? Just because they are being used vessels doesn’t mean they have automatically attained the height of perfection. In this part of the world, I know how we’ve placed religion on that high pedestal. Ideally, I shouldn’t be amazed but today it struck me how incredibly tough it is to be a minister of God.

Coming from a church whose General Overseer is revered, there’s a system that has been in place over the years. But entering into another ministry with a much younger pastor, frankly, I do not have expectations. I do not form the habit of idolizing my pastors because they’re humans just like me with a special grace. All, I want is to hear the word of God and maybe grow spiritually.

So, no I’m not going to my new church expecting the pastor to perform magic. I’m not expecting him to know it all rather admit his vulnerability and allow God use him.

Also, I wish my mother could stop worrying about me being wrongly indoctrinated because I’m grounded and I can tell right from wrong.

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