Heart On Fire -Jonathan Clay

A few months ago I watched LOL (yeah I watch movies A LOT) and this song was one of the soundtracks.Originally sung by Jonathan Clay but performed by Douglas Booth.This song got to me nut just because its a love song but because of the lyrics.Its written in a simple manner and together with the beat makes it AMAZING! I could listen to this all day and nut get bored,that’s how much i LOVE the song 😀

Sign Language.


Sometimes last month,I watched a series ‘Switched at Birth’ It was about two girls who were switched at birth by accident.Apparently, one of them down the line became deaf.Yeah deaf! At first when i saw the deaf girl communicating with another deaf guy i was wondering.I was really impressed cause I thought they learnt the sign language just for the movie until I goggled it.It turned out the part of the cast which acted deaf were actually deaf in reality..Wow! I was amazed!I couldn’t believe it.This people have been deaf all their life and somehow they’ve been able to survive.Not only survive but also make a name for themselves.I was blown away! :O :O. At the same time,in my heart I was really happy for them.You know,their disability wasn’t an hindrance.They have learnt to live with it and accept themselves just the way they are.I’m just really glad they can communicate in their own language cause I think that alone gives them an Identity and some sort of security you know. Really whatever situation you might find yourself just give thanks and find a way to survive.Don’t use your disability as an excuse not to succeed and when you do God will surely crown your efforts

This has made me even more grateful and also motivated me.If the deaf can be this successful,then i don’t have any excuse whatsoever..


                                                   Sean Berdy


                                       Katie Leclerc

P.S.They are both deaf and quite successful.

Happy Birthday Mom!


So its my mom’s birthday today.Wow! i don’t even know where to start from.First of all,HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

My mom & I haven’t rili been best of friends.We weren’t always on the same page.We have different philosophies and desire totally different things.I always felt she didn’t understand me because she paid more attention to my brothers than me.So i kinda felt neglected & kept to myself sometimes confiding in my bestie then.The turning point came when i finished high school.We became a bit close.We talked more,hung out more and she began to understand me gradually so she had no choice but to eventually support me.Even though we still don’t have the kind of relationship i would have loved to have with her,im still grateful for the one I have,She has been a pillar of strength for me especially in my spiritual life.I learnt the basics of Christianity from her.My mom has been the best and without her,i don’t know where i would have been today.God has and is still using her for me.


Happy Birthday Mom.Wishing you long life,prosperity and everything you wish for yourself. I love you and God bless.:)

P.S: Thats my mom & I some 17years ago! 😉


Blessed & Cursed!


Sometimes last year,I watched the movie ‘Blessed & Cursed’ and since then Ive been obsessed with Deitrick Haddon. I totally fell in love with him.Deitrick is a contemporary gospel musician that is known for his gospel styles.He has a way of infusing RnB,Hip-Hop,Reggae e.t.c into gospel music.His versatility is what makes him unique.He’s not the regular gospel artiste.He has so much energy accompanied with an amazing voice.In short,He’s a worshiper that has passion for God.You need to see him on stage performing.He worships God with his body,spirit & soul.I wish i had that much energy mehn! He motivates me to worship God.He’s just incredible!

Over the past week,i started compling his songs & for now ive got 30 & counting which has been on replay all week 😉 I decided im going to get all his albums because his songs have a way of ministering to me. I dont think i can ever get enough of that. Pastor Deitrick Haddon is one of the best things that has happened to me this year.I only regret i didnt get to know about him earlier.Did i mention he’s also cute 😉 & to think he’s just 39.

He was in Lagos last week for the ‘Experience’ a gospel concert & i didnt attend. Im yet to recover from that.:( 🙁 🙁



Ive been a Redeemer for more than 10years.I can remember then i used to live @ Surulere and my church was just down the road (totally off point). i remember every once in a month my mom would take my brother & I to the Redemption Camp (worldwide headquarters of RCCG). By the time we got dere I’d just eat & sleep all thru the service.that had been a trend for me all thru my childhood days.The Holy Ghost Congress is an annual program of RCCG that holds every December.it started off as a 3-day program buh now runs for a week.This year’s ended today.Im blogging about this cos this year’s was quite different for me.Instead of the regular going-to-the-auditorium to attend the evening service, i stayed home and watched the program via TV not because of anything but because i was simply LAZY! I wasnt motivated to walk to the auditorium so i just didnt move.You can imagine my joy when i discovered it was shown live on TV.Every evening i found myself siting in front of the TV anticipating the sermon.After the 1st day i realised i was BLESSED! I felt refreshed &  different! I was really happy i followed my instinct. Over the years I’d done the same thing and it became a norm you know.I didnt feel anything after the program maybe because at some point I had been forced to attend.I didnt have the choice of ‘not attending’ except maybe i was ill or something.This year i decided to do something different cos i was tired of feeling the same way.

My point is once in a while move out of your comfort zone. Digress from a trend or anything you have done for a long period of time.Find new ways to do that same thing & trust me you’ll be happy you did so.The motivation will come from nowhere. 😀



This is my 1st post & im really so excited about dis. Apart from being a trend & all i just got inspired by a couple of bloggers.This isnt going to be your regular blog; its basically about ME,MYSELF & I;)  .Yeah totally selfish buh isnt that’s what its supposed to be about? Right? Anyway, I needed a platform to share my thoughts,my opinions,my feelings and most importantly VENT! As a result of this, you going to know a whole new side to me for those of you that know me already. Alrite! enough of all this,feel free to come in and let me know what you think:)

Once again, Welcome!