One Monday Morning

The day started on a good note. I had to go to school[after skipping a whole semester] for registration and course materials. *Phew! The crowd wasn’t very sexy at all. After settling with the avaliable, I took a back seat with some freshers and before I knew it, we were having a convo.

Yeah before that, on my way to school this morning; I took a bus, as I was trying to get comfortable, get my fare out and indulge myself in some soothing songs, Andrew just popped out for nowhere. My facial expression was priceless!
1.) We live in the same estate and we came out almost at the same time[I saw him] but went opposite directions.
2.) I did not expect to see him talkless of sitting beside and paying my fare or even speaking to him. This was someone I’ve known for quite a while now and thought he was always bothering me. I usually didn’t give him breathing space to even talk to me. I had ignored his Whatsapp messages countless times. But here I was sitting right beside him, I didn’t even know what to think. For a while I was just numb; avoided any form of eye contact and just feigned normalcy.
After a short awkward silence, he started a convo. *sigh All shades of awkwardness. Anyways fast-forward to some 10-15 mins later, we were both saying our goodbyes as I had to get down at my bustop. Okay, it wasn’t totally awkward. We talked. He seemed cool, calm, and gentlemanly.

Moving on…

When I was done with school runs, I was ready to go home. I don’t even know how to describe the-whole-walking-in-circles-almost-losing-my-way charade. [Not that I wasn’t familiar with the route, I just couldn’t decide on which way to go] Anyways I got home safe and sound under the rain and still don’t forget to invest in two neckpieces.^_^. That basically made my day.


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