On Turning 53.

On Turning 53.

So it’s Independence day today in Nigeria. Honestly, I’m not in the least thrilled about anything especially with regards to the recent happenings in the country. I’m one of those people that will jet off if given an opportunity and not return. I’m not very patriotic. I’m quite indifferent about Nigeria. I’m not one of those activists that run around with placards fighting for better living conditions. Over the years I’ve come to realise that there’s little or nothing you can do to change the situation. The leaders are totally oblivious to the needs of the masses. So then what do we do? Do we stay on social media and rant our lives away?

Anyways I’m not here to write a speech about Nigeria, twittersphere is doing a good job of clogging my timeline already. Sigh. But in spite of all these, I’m still grateful. I’m grateful for the gift of life. I’m grateful for provision and protection because honestly it could have been worse. When we see the state of some other countries in the news, we have no choice but to be thankful. I’m quite optimistic things will change, I hope it does before Jesus comes.

Happy Independence Nigeria.

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