On Trusting God.

For a while now, I’ve been struggling to trust God. Instead I’ve been doubting Him. My prayer life has suffered a great ordeal and I no longer believe my own words. I feel I’ve prayed enough and God is stalling in His answers. I believe He sees out hearts, our deepest desires and I expect some sort of reaction. The thing is I don’t have lots of patience. I sort of want things to be done ASAP! So that issue of praying over and over again is totally out of it. In this case, I’ve prayed,fasted and whatnot, God has revealed some of this answers to me and it’s taking forever to manifest. And I’m here questioning the authenticity of these revelations.


I’ve sorta surrended all to God. I don’t think too much about them anymore. I’ve diverted my energy to something else pending the time, I get answers. Some days I don’t even remember I’ve tabled this things before God because I strongly believe He’ll make all things perfect in His time.

Already and Forever

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  1. Yay!! that means I saw you..I just wanted to make sure I saw right lol..buh meyn i gat to say u are actually as pretty in persoAina you are in pictures. Oh and gorgeous too, I liked your trad, really suits you plus it was unique..*winks*

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