On Old Age, Mortality And Finding Yourself

On Old Age, Mortality And Finding Yourself

There are times when you read certain books that forces you into deep introspection. For me, this happens more often than not. It’s also a proof that the book passed through me. In other words, it had the exact effect the author had in mind.

I just finished Klahed Hosseini’s And The Mountains Echoed. While the book touches a myriad of themes, there are two particular ones that stand out for me and of course required my reflection;

1. On old age and mortality
2. On finding yourself.

Everyone will grow old. Rather, the majority of us will grow old. But before then, we experience old age through people around us – most especially our parents. Well, depending on each person, a lot of people start (fully) aging from the age of say, 40. This is usually signified by a lot of health difficulties – something doctors generally categorize and throw under a blanket statement as the signs of old age. It goes on and on until the major diseases start kicking it – arithis, Parkinsions’, rheumantism, stroke and whatnot. Then we begin to see our elderly ones gradually ebbing. Eventually, we get a caretaker or toss them into a nursing homes so as not to become burdens to us. In essence, it’s the circle of life but books like this, stops you right on your tracks and reminds you once again of our mortality and how it affects our attitude towards our family and friends. Then you begin to reflect and process whatever previous knowledge/perspective you might have and make adjustments if necessary.

I’m a huge advocate of finding yourself. Apart from the Eat Pray Loves that have shaped my perspectives on a number of things, I believe every single person in this world has a purpose. Hence, you’ll be doing God and yourself a great disservice if you live a purposeless life. Naturally, you find out that when you indeed find your purpose or in this case, yourself things fall into place. Then again, it’s not exactly something you stumble into. Well, except you ask for God’s wisdom early enough. Otherwise, you’re usually on your own and continue to experience discontentment in everything you do. This, more of less provokes a deep soul – searching which often than not, requires drastic lifestyle changes – commonly locations. You hear people saying they’re taking time out to travel the world. Instead of condemning them or throwing jabs at them or even subjecting them to ridicule, have you ever tried to just listen to their reasons? Even though, personally, I won’t tell you straight up that I’m going to find myself. Then, have you tried to be more accommodating about their reasons if they eventually fill you in? Not everyone goes for vacation for luxury, you know. So, if peradventure you fall into this situation, try doing something about it.

P.S: Just so you know, I’m still clueless about my Masters degree and considering taking a gap year.


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