On Modesty.

On Modesty.

A while ago, I came across this post; What Men Really Think About Modesty on my timeline and saved it in my Pocket after skimming through. For obvious reasons, it was something I wanted to take time out to read.

Anyways, I eventually read through today and believe me when I say that it couldn’t have been more apt. In fact I had to read over and over, highlight my favorite response and share it on social media. That’s how well it sits with me. It’s not every time I stumble on something this refreshing.

Lauren DeMoss asked a bunch of men to email her on how they really felt about modesty and my best response was from Erik;

Modesty tells a lot about you to be honest.  It reflects the way you respect, love, and honor yourself. A Godly Lady is Modest not because she is forced to but because she respects herself, loves herself and knows that God loves her more than any guy could, and honors her future husband. Modesty is so absent in the world today because women want to be loved and they crave attention they don’t have, didn’t get, or they’ve lost. Women have become nothing more than a thing or a play toy for guys, and have led so many astray because they want the attention and love.When women aren’t modest, they mark themselves as cheap…something that belongs in a thrift store or a dollar store, and it’s sad because they are worth more than diamonds and rubies. A godly guy should have to work hard to win her heart and keep it.  Modesty shows the love you have for God and the fact that you know that he created you and he loves you and that you don’t need a man to call you beautiful because God already said it.


Followed closely by Micheal

Modesty has lost it’s translation in our generation. It’s not about covering up nor is it about “flaunt it if you got it.” It’s about respecting yourself. 1Corinthians 19-20 says: “Or do you not know that your bodies are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been bought at a great price. Glorify and carry God in your body.” Modesty is sexy! Our bodies isn’t for everyone’s eyes to see, because our bodies are sacred temples. Women, and men alike must embrace ourselves and dress accordingly.


As a single guy, I am constantly evaluating the young women around me, whether at church, school, or work. I constantly make inferences about them based on what they say and do, but most of all, I make these inferences based on how they say and do these things. At the heart of it, I am always trying to surmise what is most important to that young woman… what does she place the highest value upon? A lack of modesty tells me that she values attention very highly, that she has a deep-seated need that is going unmet. And modesty does not just refer to clothing… it is descriptive of behavior as well. I am looking for a woman who is fully secure and content in Jesus Christ, and has no need for me to fulfill her, because I know I cannot; modesty shows this to be true of her. 


God wants to look into the hearts of His daughters & see a reflection of Him—pure & innocent. Modest ladies recognize their bodies were originally created for holiness & strive to reflect the beautiful glory of God. Christ came to redeem God’s daughters for eternal beauty, which is far better & greater than a human eye could ever see. Long for lasting beauty–It’s so worth it.


When I think about modesty, I think about the future. As much as I already love my future wife, whoever she is, I can’t stand the thought of other men looking lustfully at her. How, then, can I justify myself looking lustfully at other women? Women, your body is a gift, a gift God did indeed intend to be unwrapped by ONE MAN. Your future husband. Modesty is love for your future. Love God. Love yourself. Love your husband. If men’s compliments make you feel good, imagine how much BETTER compliments will be coming from a man who loves you and has patiently waited for you for years. If you can’t win without showing skin, the man is in sin, try again! 


As a follower of Christ and dying breed of gentleman, I think girls should be treated like princesses, but they can’t be treated that way if they dress like prostitutes. I believe in the old adage “modest is hottest.” Girls that pose half-naked and act like hookers are so unattractive. I think girls are much more beautiful when they’re covered up. Guys are visual creatures and if a girl is revealing everything, it’s hard to focus on what really defines her. If she’s modest, it helps us develop a deeper understanding of her and not just her appearance. Not to mention, it prevents us from falling into temptation. Modesty shows a lady has a price, and you really have to pursue her rather than just pick her up on whim. Most of all, modesty gives a girl a chance to become more like a Proverbs 31 woman and that’s gorgeous. 


To me modesty is something that is so rare nowadays people mistake it as being shy or sheltered. In my mind though that is what makes it so amazing when you find someone that isn’t following what the world is telling them is the way they should look or act. Modesty is a special quality. It shows a girl’s beauty from the inside out and we as men should value that. 

And finally Shawn

I think it is a big sign of maturity when a girl decides to dress more modest. It makes me feel special that she is saving herself for me! I would love to have a girl who wears a one piece and is mature enough to say, “I don’t care if other girls make fun of me.” If a girl is modest she is displaying a development of spiritual maturity. I know God has someone special for me who has the same views of modesty as me. With these views, it helps me a ton to NOT fall into temptations. 


Need I say more?



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