On Being Indifferent.

On Being Indifferent.


It’s a loooong weekend! Not so long actually, just 4 days! *whoop! LOL.
I’m thoroughly grateful for this break. *phew! Special shoutout to our Muslim brothers and sisters, y’all have no idea what this means to me. In the mean time, i’m just gonna sleep,sleep,and sleep again,maybe write a little, and then sleep again and definately tweet. 😀 LOL. Don’t mind me. I get tired of sleeping anyways.

On to the next one……

I’m indifferent to so many things like rape,domestic violence,politics,sports,addictions,economies,corruption,global warming,celebrities [Lee Min Ho is forever an exception] e.t.c. My mind just automatically shuts them out. I don’t think about such things[at all] beyond an extent. I dunno. That’s just my individuality. Maybe because they don’t affect me?! Seems selfish and insensitive. In my mind,such things don’t exist. I think it’s because these things don’t appeal to me especially the negative ones. No matter what, i think i should be able to control whatever content i fill my mind with and because of that dwelling on them unnecessarily isn’t very healthy.

And as to how i sympathise with victims of these unfortunate occurences, honestly i have no idea. What exactly can i tell a drug addict or rather a rape victim that’ll make them feel better or get over the trauma?! Exactly! Nothing. Well, maybe because i haven’t been doing a lot of volunteering lately,[or at all], i honestly donot know how to uplift the spirits of these people or even talk to them.

People like me are always in the background watching,observing and not getting involved shaking their heads wondering when all this will end. Sometimes i try to pray for them,other times my words fail me. So i just overlook them and move on with my life. And then the trend continues… I don’t even attempt to beat myself up over this things instead i just cloak under the bandwagon that says it’s all part of life and there’s really nothing you can do about it.


Well, that’s why i don’t write about certain topics neither do i read about them. They are one of those columns i flip over whilst ready the newspaper, those tweets i ignore and those online articles i skip.

It is well.
God will help us.


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