Of reflections, priorities and dreams

Of reflections, priorities and dreams

It’s that time of the year again.

I turn 21 in exactly 4 weeks or less and I’ve been thinking. Reflecting actually. A bit more than usual as the period requires.

I was at an informal interview recently and the first question the interviewer asked was ”Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” and I replied;
(Overtime I’ve learnt to be detailed and specific when it comes to issues as delicate as this)
– In 10years I’ll be 31. All things being equal, I should have been done with everything that concerns school; degrees, courses, diplomas, trainings and whatnot. An established professional photographer with a
brand that oozes of good repute, class and quality services.
(This wasn’t included)
At the same time, hopefully I should have gotten around publishing a few books. The truth is, that is the peak of every writer’s career. I see myself finally becoming a polyglot especially since my bucket list would have been marked halfway and maybe offering my freelance translating services to major multi-nationals.

And then he made a comment,”I’m surprised you didn’t mention marriage” I replied;
– I don’t want to be defined by my marital status. I wanna be successful as a single individual before settling down and if it comes along the way, great. If it doesn’t, fine by me. Afterall, I have the rest of my life. Forever is a pretty long time. Not forgetting man proposes, God disposes.(Thankfully, my mother isn’t bent on it either)

The timing of that simple conversation put things into perspective especially since I’ve been trying to figure out how to declutter my thoughts. Anyways, it’s a great feeling. It’s good to know you’re on track, you’re figuring out what to do with your life and not letting some authority do the thinking.

Then again, there’re times when I feel like I’m getting ahead of myself. I feel like I’m pushing myself and not acting like most people of my age bracket. Then I googled, ”What does it mean to turn 21?”. Apparently it’s an age where you’re not bound by any kind of rules. Whatever might have seemed illegal in the past two decades have just been given unlimited access. Sadly this things don’t appeal to me except driving of course. And then I’m wondering if I’m a weirdo but I realise as a non-conformist, I have values and priorities. There’re some things I can’t afford to toy with no matter how much the world deemed fit.

The past year has been quite eventful and remarkable. The realisation that I wasn’t getting any younger hit me hard and literally pushed enough to make decisions and take actions. I pretty much re-discovered myself. Identified my strengths and weaknesses. Looked inwards and built on my ”talents/gifts”. So far it’s been insightful even though I still have doubts ( I always have doubts). Survived another year without a bestie(Never thought I would. Used to think he was my soulmate.Yeah he totally gets me) I can’t say I miss him especially since he’s becoming a bit annoying lately. I think I just out-grew him. Still suck at keeping in touch even though I think it’s partially intentional( I don’t want to talk to you, is it by force?). Yes I unabashedly ignore Whatsapp messages for weeks! Took major appearance revamp. Chopped my hair (The reminiscence sends chills down my spine).Embraced the organic lifestyle. Gave dating a shot after a long hiatus. Totally new experience but I’m learning. About myself, about people in general. Perservance. Respecting people’s personal space. Realizing relationships differ. People differ. Personalities differ. Everything’s different. It’s a whole new ball game. Fingers crossed on that one. (When I think about things like this, I realize I’m definitiely not ready for marriage. So much to learn and I’m not even started) Plus I haven’t written a poem in forever. I think I need to fall in love. Only way I can evoke enough emotion to write. My Linkedin account is taking shape even though I still think I’m not doing enough. I’m writing and loving it. I love the ease with which it flows. There are certainly better days when I feel on top of the world. ”Yes I’m made for this!”. No paid jobs yet but I got to build my portfolio. Met other photographers, bonded with a few. Attended seminars and workshops, looking forward to more. Won a handful of giveaways. A particular one came with extra special benefits. Still maintained my sanity on Twitter, observing from the sidelines. Learning about people and the internet,deducing personalities and making online friends. My mother has finally stopped imposing decisions on me. It’s great that she trusts me to the extent of handling her bank account. Wouldn’t have asked for a better relationship even though she always insists she knows better which she does technically but she isn’t always right and needs to admit it. Yeah also installed my first box braids. Used my mum as a guinea pig. Gosh I was so exhausted when I was done. Can’t wait to install mine especially after all my bragging. It must turn out well if not Youtube to the rescue. Oh and my 21 things, it would be covered in another post. Over all, I think it’s been a fantastic year.
It’s gonna be a great year even though things are a bit static for now. The progression is quite visible and I’m excited. Looking forward to a whole lot of (new) things. I’m pretty much expectant and leaving all in God’s hands as always.


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  1. This was a very pleasant read. I turned 22 at the beginning of this month and to me, birthday season is always a time of reflection and evaluation either before/after the celebration. I’m enjoying going through your blog, Keep it Up.Only better things to come with this New and Independent Age!


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