Of Fleeting Passions And Dream Jobs

Of Fleeting Passions And Dream Jobs

I don’t have a dream job.

Okay. Maybe that’s a tad far-fetched.

More like, I’m currently undecided on my dream job.

Sometime ago, there was a series of Q & As on my timeline spearheaded by @TheBlackHermit, I think. Not very sure right now. He was asking that simple yet ‘difficult’ question, what is your dream job? Usually, I do not indulge in questionnaires but for some reason, I found myself mulling over this one. I was actually hesitating. I did not have an instant response. When you’re asked some particular set of questions, you need to reply on the whim. This is one of them.

When I was child, I wanted to be a banker. This was as a result of number of bankers in my extended family. Plus we lived in a big house and I got to see them on a daily basis. Suit, ties and fancy monogrammed scarfs. The whole nine yards. Naturally, I was influenced. They left the house every morning looking dapper both male and female. In my head,I had to dress like this someday. Remember, I was a little girl. What did I know? Nothing.

I was exposed to TV quite early. I have liberal parents which I’m forever grateful for. I didn’t have folks that banned TV for wrongdoings as long you got your homework and chores done. Although, they drew the line on cable TV. I remember staying up to watch Soundcity which was still shown on local TV to do three things in particular;

1. Listen to music
2. Write down the songs and the lyrics subsequently and,
3. Listen to Denrele speak.

This was my adolescent days.

Somehow, the way Denrele spoke while hosting the red carpet was enchanting. I thought he was an eloquent presenter. I thought he possessed exceptional charisma. Guys, I fell in love with him his presentation. No jokes. Except that when I finally met him a few years ago at KFC, I was too stunned to talk. I literally froze on the spot. I eventually decided to become a presenter. I had to be on TV to talk like Denrele.

Then I got to high school. Good grades and all. There was a certain pressure to go into sciences because of my grades. The people around me believed that I was underrating my intelligence by going to the arts but I knew deep down that I wasn’t cut out for it so I took my stance – best thing about being strong-willed to be honest. I didn’t understand the fuss. I wasn’t a straight – As student, just disciplined.

Along the line, I had a conversation with a friend of mine, Feranmi and he said something that stuck. He said that I was so much better than I gave myself credit for. I needed to aim higher. By then, I had established the fact that I liked to talk extensively – something I’ve lost interest in btw and he believed that I was CNN material. Till date, I had no idea where that came from. I suspect the crushes began from this conversation (I had such amazing friends). I went through school with that idea planted in my head plus I was an excellent writer. My notes were in perfect conditions and handwriting, flawless! (My cousin always brought notes for me to write for him. Smh.) I finished school as a fulfilled student. I believed my life was tailored in the right direction. I was gonna study Mass Communications to become a Broadcaster – I eventually found out the professional word for it and also decided against hosting red carpets. I was definitely better than that – and find my way to CNN. This began my travails with UCAS – story for another day.

I got into the university to study French and International Studies by accident. Mass Communications was there glaring at me and beckoning to me but I answered my mother’s call instead. For the next two years, I resented myself and my decision so I tried to find a way out and skipped a semester in the process. That was the period I stumbled on blogging. About a year later, I got my first gig and the rest they say is history. I think I’m finally confident enough to call myself a writer because I get paid for it. Not many people have that opportunity.

About two years ago, I discovered professional photography and got hooked. I had to be become a photographer somehow and find a way write books simultaneously. In the meantime, I struggled with the genres of photography. They say, it’s better to specialise than generalise. Then, I began to make mental notes and cross out the ones that weren’t appealing to me. In the end, I settled with travel photography. All I know is, however I go about that career, my end game is in travel. Now, I had to find a way to merge writing and photography. Apparently, there’s a full fledged flourishing career in travel writing and photography. Just ask Lola Akinmade Akestrom.

I feel like all of my career choices have been influenced and triggered by one thing or the other. I feel like I need to get to that point where I need to decide for myself, what do I want? In my quest to seek clarity, I did what I’ve always done – write.

I know one’s entitled to have various passions at different point in life but when it’s not definite, I think it’s a problem. I have a problem with the ephemerality of my passions. I feel like I need to pick one and be awesome at it.

So no, I currently do not have a dream job because it’s subject to change and I think it’s okay.


P.S: I’ll give anything to become a librarian but I have a feeling it might be short-lived. :-$

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2 thoughts on “Of Fleeting Passions And Dream Jobs

  1. Interesting read.

    I kinda don’t have a dream job too but I am currently around something I love to do. Photography, maybe not in the aspect that I want but you gotta start somewhere right?

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