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November Favorites

1. Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic.


This is possibly the highlight of the month. Despite the numerous number of books I read, I’ve never really gotten access to recently published books so this was a huge deal. Big Magic was published in September and I got to read it in November. Nothing could make me happier.

2. This photo of me taken by my kid brother. Unlike every other person, I really don’t like taking pictures of myself. But once on a while when I do, I try to make it decent. Something good enough that would sustain me till the next time – usually a couple of months later.


3. This selfie of Dunni and I at the LagosPhoto Festival. The number of photos we have together is few and far between. It’s incredible.


4. Speaking of LagosPhoto Festival, Patrick Willcoq was easily my favorite of the entire exhibition. Plus, this photo is everything!


5. This photo of my last henna treatment for the year. I’m absolutely in love with this BW photo that I forgot to use a neater newspaper. Oh well, it adds to the aesthetics.


6. Boys Over Flowers


It’s no news that I’m slightly obsessed with K dramas. There was a particular period in my life when I watched them continuously and everyone knows there are incredibly addictive. This past weekend, I binge-watched the two seasons of one of the best K dramas of all time. I absolutely cannot believe it took me six years to watch it. It was hilarious, gut-wrenching, intentional, brilliant, all at the same damn time and the best part? The soundtracks. I literally went over to YouTube to listen to them again even though, I didn’t understand a single word. That’s how awesome it was. Plus, it was the breakout movie of my favorite Korean actor – Lee Min Ho. Anytime I want to get away from all the shenanigans of Hollywood, I immense myself in some K dramas and everything is well with the world again.

7. I’ve had Pray For Me by Darey on repeat all month. That song does things to me and that doesn’t happen very often.

8. Mindy Kaling.


This past month, I read both of her memoirs and I realised that I want to write my memoir just like hers – a compilation of essays of my life and things that generally appeal to me – and it’s totally fine.

9. Freshfactor Cocoa Butter


Freshfactor probably stocks cheapest cocoa butter online. Best believe, I’ve displaced shea butter.

10. Jussie Smollett x Alicia Keys duet. I absolutely love the song, Powerful. I literally cannot get it out of my head plus it’s been on repeat. Such strong vocals. Meanwhile, Jamal needs to make up his damn mind! Gay or nah?


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