Notes On A Million Little Pieces – John Frey

Notes On A Million Little Pieces – John Frey


I just finished A Million Little Pieces by James Frey; a fictional-memoir of sorts which by my standards took me an awful long time to finish.

Two words.

Taking Responsibility.

Making Decisions.

The book in two or rather four words.

A little background.

James Frey was a chronic alcoholic, crack addict and criminal that found himself in a treatment center. Along the line, he got inducted into a sobriety program which ran for a period of time in which he fell in love whilst recovering and rediscovering himself.

One thing stood out.

Instead of going through the normal procedure of the AA and Twelve steps which was supposed to guide him during and after his treatment, he went against it and dismissed all kinds of persuasions.

His parents came along and tried to feed him a story of genetics and wrong diagnosis in his early years but he was relentless. As far as he was concerned, he was solely responsible for whatever (wrong) decisions he might had made from the age of ten and wasn’t about to blame his grandfather or unqualified doctors.

He took responsibility and if he was gonna be sober for a long time, he had to confront his past and take a decision without the influence of any Higher power which he clearly didn’t believe in.

I don’t why this struck me unexpectedly in this rather sad story but for some reasons, I kept thinking about it.


How responsible are you?

Are you willing to take responsibility for your actions no matter how awful they are?

Are you ready to own up and not shift blames?

Sigh. You can tell that I’m clearly moved by this. Oh, and FYI, he served some time in jail for the crimes he committed when he wasn’t in control of his mind. Ideally, that should have been a perfect excuse. But no, he gave himself up. That isn’t something you see everyday.
No, I’m not about to hand him a trophy even though his actions are admirable. It doesn’t quite change the fact that he wasted a decade of his life on alcohol, cocaine/pot/crack and meth.

Taking drugs is never a good idea and it never would be no matter how much the world tries to justify it.

In other news, it seems like I’ve finally jumped on the Twilight bandwagon. I’ve gotten my hands on all six books – the longest series I’ve ever read. Yes, yes I’m so 2000 and late and I clearly have a thing for latching on to books things just when the world is over it. I think I prefer it nonetheless;that how I know I’m still gonna jump on the Divergent trilogy train.

Sigh. So many books. So damn little time.


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