So this morning i did a little self-evaluation and this time it’s about my addictions. Ive decided it’s gonna be a regular thing you know. It’s all part of the self-discovery. Mind you,when i say addiction, it’s something i’ve grown to love extremely over time. Its not some kind of dependency. I can totally do without them.
In no particular order;
1. Coke.
Who doesn’t know that?? LOL 😀

2.Deitrick Haddon’s voice.
I’m so in love with this dude! He makes me wanna worship God!

3. The voices of the Glee cast.
Their voices give me goosebumps each time i listen to them. They have such amazing voices individually and collectively. I wonder where Ryan Murphy got them from. They have a way of performing better than the original singers and their original compositions are just as awesome.

4. Twitter.
Twitter has become my daily newspaper,my magazine,my radio,my TV,my chat-room and so much more. Tell me, why wouldn’t i be addicted when all these things are rolled into one site??

And finally
5. Blogging/Blogs.
I could read blogs all day! Just jumping from one to another. For me, it’s a way of improving myself and of course getting informed and entertained. Hence,the inspiration for this blog.
Sometimes i wish i had lots of inspiration to blog about. 🙁
Anyways these are my addictions for the month of January. LOL.

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