Hey guys! How Y’all doing?!

To commermorate this year’s children’s day i’ve decided to take a trip down memory lane. I’d like to share a couple of my childhood moments with y’all. You know once in a while it’s always good to take a look back and reminisce.

Your homegirl was born on the 11th of June(also my dad’s birthday) somewhere in Lagos.
1st child of my mother after which a couple of years later my brother was born and after almost a decade my other brother was born.
Normal regular childhood.
Went to daycare and then nursery followed by primary. Actually attended 4 primary schools. (Trivia: attended a school for just A DAY! My mom didn’t like the school. Asinn her spirit didn’t flow with the school. After settling the bills i still had to be withdrawn. SMH)
Eventually graduated from the last school.
Had the 1st and 10th major birthday parties. (Haven’t had any other since apart from a house party on my 17th birthday).
School Prefect
Above-average student (Did pretty well in school)
Was kinda backward in my education. Did Nursery 3 and Primary 6. (My mom’s an educationst. She made sure i didn’t skip any class )
Obedient & respectful. Hardly had any problems in school.
Avid reader and talkative.
Used to suffer from inferiority complex.
Was often stigmatised because of the texture of my skin. (Tough & Dry).
Two major accidents; one almost took my leg and the other almost left me blind. Thank God the devil didn’t succeed.
Very active in church. Choir & Dance group. (I wonder how. Probably because twas more of choreography).
Healthy,Happy child.
Had just one best friend till date and lots of friends. Mostly family and church friends.
Wasn’t fond of any of my parents. Prefer my aunt.
Grew up quite fast.
Started dating quite early. (LOOL. Don’t worry. Puppy love ^_^)

Erm….what else?! *thinking*
Hardly a sport-person
Was taller when i was younger. (I dunno. I stopped growing)
Hated taking pictures especially with my family.
Never a failure (By God’s grace)
Always wished i wasn’t the 1st/2nd born.
Cut short my very 1st vacation with my cousins (they still attack me till now). I was actually crying. Missed my mom. Smh.
Had the chessiest nicknames (Ebun kon kon lo. [No wonder i ended up short] SMH)

Guess i’ve tried right?! Wish i could remember more. 🙁 i’m trying really hard.

LOL. Maybe i’ll remember more next year 😀

*humming Micheal Jackson’s Childhood*

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