My Sanity

My Sanity

Ok so i just came across this post on my reader. One of my fellow tweep/follower/wordpresser Ibukun shut down her twitter account for some reasons known to her. (I didn’t get to the end). Apparently, twitter was taking over her life or somefin like that and she didn’t have time for her real life friends or somefin like (See that’s what you get for skimming through instead of actually reading it). Anyways that got me thinking. ( Yes! I always think. Who doesn’t?!).

I joined Twitter in 2010. Special Shoutout to @TheSanmi. He practically dragged me to join FB and then Twitter. It was abandoned for like 2 years. You know now, the hype wasn’t really there yet. We were still wasting our time on FB until our parents joined and forced us to relocate. Anyways i became an avid tweep towards the end of 2012 when i was about to lose my sanity. Boredom became a permanent resident in my life. After watching all the series/movies avaliable, i was left with listening to my mom nag all day. *sigh. Long story short, fast forward to a year later, here i am. A Grade 1 Twitter addict even if i say so myself. LOL.

I can’t even begin to imagine what would have become of me. All my friends attend regular schools. I don’t talk to people in church and my neighbours are just useless. So y’all can understand when i say Twitter and my blog are the only things keeping me sane apart from my horrible school. LOOL. Buh really Twitter has thought me a great deal. I’ve met AMAZING people,learnt so much and become more exposed. It has at the same time unleashed the ‘Writer’ in me and given me more confidence to stand by my faith and principles. The pros far outweighs the cons i tell ya. It’s platform for expression and communication is just as superb not forgetting the fun,humour and arguments that comes along. The fact that people from all spheres of life gather together to speak one language is just amazing. The way i see it,Nigerian Twitter is just one big happy family. You’ll need lots of patience, understanding and maturity not to take things personal and not let people’s words get to you. You just have to let it go and walk away. Need i forget, there has also been loads of revelations and enlightenments.
Something far more exciting and enthusiastic will have to happen to take Twitter away from me. Even exams can’t hold me down.
So as for Ibukun i believe she’s fully convinced she’s better of. I don’t know. Never met her.
And for the record i have a life outside Twitter,it isn’t just as fun and adventurous. 🙂

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