My Dream Fairytale Wedding

Hiya Good People.

I was watching TV last night and i saw the most beautiful cozy wedding ever! Just like in the movies. Small wedding with less than 100 people,elegant and FUN. So this got me thinking as usual. :D. I began to edit my original plan in my head. ;). You know every girl at one point or the other has her dream wedding lingering somewhere in her head. So much that if we are called up to get married this instant there wouldn’t be a need for a wedding planner. Anyways as usual i have my dream fairytale wedding planned and from time to time is updated.

As usual, the Trad wedding will kick off after all pre-wedding events. This will take place here in Nigeria,maybe my hometown maybe not. It will be attended by ALL family members, close and distant,immediate and extended,those that think are related to me somehow, distant friends,acquaintainces and just anyone that knows the couple and not forgetting the ever present ‘Mogbo Moya’. LOL.

The next phase is the White wedding which will start from the Church somewhere in Paris or somewhere with lots of grandeur with a guest list of less than 100 which will consist of immediate family members and closEST best friends. After the short service, the reception will take place on an island or better still a beach closest to the church. The grand entry will be preceded by the bridal train in pairs with the usual dancing. Along the line, there will be a special chereographed dance with the couple and bridal train. Then all other dances will follow. Yes! There will be lots of singing and dancing. Because of the number of guests there will be enough space and time for all other activities planned. After which the Post-wedding events will take place and then they lived happily ever after and everyone goes home 😀

This is just a rough sketch of what i want. From now till the day i will be ready to get married, there will be other additions and updates. LOOL. It’s gonna be a small simple elegant wedding with loadz of fun and laughter.

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  1. whoop whoop! I’m going to be your planner 😀 a few millions :p and for the beach feeling Hawaii and Polynesia still remain the best locations

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