More than hair.

More than hair.


I almost big chopped today.

Yes it is very serious. I almost cried. The plan was to wait till March 2014 until I chopped off everything and have a mini ‘fro. It would be one full year then but I was in dire need of a trim. The breakage was frustrating! So after washing, I grabbed my pair of scissors and started cutting. Yeah it felt good and refreshing. I didn’t know when I ”over-trimed” so to speak. By the time I was done, my hair had shrunk so I picked some bobby pins and tried to fix an updo. I did but didn’t like the result. Found myself constantly fiddling with it and looking at the mirror at any given opportunity. I did this twice. Wasn’t pleased with the appearance of my hair especially since I don’t plan to visit the salon anytime soon. So, this time I took my wide-toothed comb and combed it out. The first time in a while. I realised I still had some growth. It wasn’t as bad as I’d earlier thought. I’d done a mini chop! I carried my hair like that for the rest of the day. I didn’t even care about my friends who were making fun of me.. They didn’t understand. There is/was a connection. It is more than hair. There’s a reason I’d rather go through the long haul of transitioning. It got to a point that I decided to just cut it all off. 9 months wasn’t beans afterall. As hard as I tried to distract myself, it didn’t work and as funny as it sounds, I was affected by it. I wasn’t ready still.

Well, my hair’s currently in a protective style. I finally found my way around it and I hope it stays this way till March or else….


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