Monday Links

Monday Links

1. This incredibly honest and deep piece by Heather Lindsey
Why We Waited Until Our Wedding Day To Kiss And Why It’s Worth It.

2. In the light of Beau Biden’s death, Joe Biden’s 2012 advice to grieving families is all the more poignant now.

3. This relatable piece on You’re Not Crazy, You’re Introverted

4. I’ve been following Kecy on social media for a while and I absolutely love his way with words. I have the greatest hope that someday I would be able to effortlessly express myself like he does. Here, he shares this stirring tribute to his mom on the 18th memorial of her passing.

5. I’m not very keen on interior decor but The Beautiful Mess have a way with DIYs that are totally fun and Pinterest-worthy. For example, 10 Easy DIY Makeovers With (Major Wow Factor!)

6. As an aspiring globetrotter, budget travel is something I’ve been reading a lot on lately especially if I want to cover a number of countries at a time. So, I was super thrilled when Ijeoma shared this piece on how she travels so much on a graduate student’s budget.


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