Monday Links

Monday Links

It’s another week of awesome articles across the interwebs. I can barely even keep up. Anyways here goes…

1. 26 Impossibly Cool Anthropologie Knockoffs You’re Gonna Want To Make Right Now
– I’m a huge fan of DIY. A mean everyone knows that and this article is all shades of awesome. I believe everyone needs to learn to make stuff themselves and not allow business owners to exploit them. Usually, your own results would always be hundred times better than what you pay for.

2. For The Love Of Being ‘Liked’
It’s one thing for teenagers to gauge their self-worth by the number of likes, favorites, retweets or L.M.A.O.s, but when someone who ought to know better, like your boss, your grandmother or your Oscar host, starts to boast of reaching popularity milestones, it all begins to seem a bit, well, desperate.
– This ‘instant gratification’ issue is very tricky. Inasmuch as everyone wants to be mini-celebrities, some of us are comfortable being in the shadows.

3. The Wedding Toast I’ll Never Give
Epic failure is part of being human, and it’s definitely part of being married. It’s part of what being alive means, occasionally screwing up in expensive ways. And that’s part of what marriage means, sometimes hating this other person but staying together because you promised you would. And then, days or weeks later, waking up and loving him again, loving him still.
– Marriage. It’s as real as it’s get. Refreshing!

4. Africa Could Fit China And The US With Room To Spare
“Africa is just immense—much, much larger than you or I thought. Just look at it, realize that, and smile—because you will never forget it again.”
– Yep! I always knew Africa as a continent is larger than we think.

5. How To Make Friends (Smile)
I have been called snub, stuck-up, Groucho Grouchinus, unfriendly, mean, silent killer, slow poison. Boring… So it is strange now, having people stop by at my desk to chat, having them linger when I smile and ask about their lives.
– Uche’s on my Instagram and I never knew she writes until I stumbled on this post. This made me smile. I always love to read posts from genuine writers and not just popular bloggers because they’re usually well crafted and inspiring. Oh and yeah, there are not that many. I used to write like this. I don’t know what happened.

6. Photographer Documenting The Homeless Discovers Her Own Father Among Them.
Although Kim’s project shaped much of her life and her decision to go to law school, the biggest impact came in 2012. While documenting homeless people on the streets of Honolulu, Kim came across her own father. The man who she remembered abandoning her as a child was now homeless, unwashed, dressed in rags, and extremely thin. Worst of all, he didn’t even recognize her.
– Such a moving story.

7. Mindy Kaling’s Guide To Killer Confidence
Work hard, know your shit, show your shit, and then feel entitled. Listen to no one except the two smartest and kindest adults you know, and that doesn’t always mean your parents. If you do that, you will be fine. Now, excuse me, I need to lie down and watch Sheldon.
– Spot on!

8.Sometimes The Fire Is Not Fire
When  our turkeys got fowlpox, we caught them and pinned them under our feet and learnt that you could treat the pox with palm oil. When the dogs got maggots, we learnt that applying careful pressure to the sore made them fall white and wriggling to the sand. 
– Akwaeke is one half of the dynamic Emezi sisters. The other being Yagazie. I’ve heard quite a lot about her so it’s good to finally read something from her.

9. When God Makes You Wait

10. How To Write A Condolence Note

11. 14 Purchases You Should Make In Your 20s

12. What You Learn In Your 40s
If you are invited to lunch with someone who works in the fashion industry, do not wear your most “fashionable” outfit. Wear black.


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