Monday Links

Monday Links

1. I Am Not My Hair
The idea of “being natural” was for me a proxy for “being free. It wasn’t just freedom from chemicals and Kanekalon extensions. I wanted to be free from the cliché that a woman’s hair is her glory.
– This is easily my best ”natural hair” article. Apart from the little history embedded on it, I love how down-to-earth and relateable it is. Yes to Taiye Selasi!!

2. My Father Is An African Immigrant And My Mother Is A White Girl From Kansas And I Am Not The President Of The United States
The men in my family love drugs. They love their meths and their cocaines (both cracked and uncracked), they love their pots and their heroins. They have deep and committed relationships with their drugs. I have always had a deep, committed, and loving relationship with my teeth, so I took a decidedly different route.
– Awesome! Awesome oldie! I loved every bit of it. It was such an enjoyable read that I had to follow him on Twitter. I can’t believe it was written four years ago.

3. Confessions Of A Week-Smoking Dad.
“But parenting is terrifying, because you just can’t know how your specific actions will manifest in your kids. Trying to engineer them, as though their little human lives are a simple input/output circuit, is like throwing a bouncy-ball in a kitchen and expecting it to land in a coffee mug.”
This is another honest and refreshing read also by Aham.

4. 10 Things You Need To Stop Saying Right Now

5. The Irish Love Stilettos: The Most Popular Shoe Styles Around The World
Mexican women love wedges, Germans are fans of brogue stitching and Americans and Canadians are pretty much the only people who like newspaper print fabric.
– This is equally interesting and enlightening.

6. The Inspiration Lie
The key is to start doing something, RIGHT NOW! — It’s about to start working immediately even if you don’t feel inspired or know where you are going yet. Inspiration will only hit you once you are already in motion, not while standing still doing nothing.
– This is so spot on! Anytime I’m stuck in a rut, I realised that inspiration isn’t gonna hit me if I did nothing. So, I just plunge into it anyhow and somehow, I come out lucky.

7. Is America Turning On Taylor Swift?
From twerking for laughs to attacking Apple Music, Swift’s backlash-inducing problem isn’t that she’s particularly outrageous or ignorant—it’s that everything she does, under the guise of sweetness and sincerity, actually seems remarkably self-serving.
– I’ve never been a fan of Taylor Swift. Her music doesn’t particularly sit well with me but in the light of her recent charades, this article is eye-opening.

8. How Kate Middleton Imploded The Class System And Gave Rise Of A New Kind Of Brit
Marx has been undone: the Middleton family have singlehandedly redefined the rigid triangle of social strata that the German sociologist and philosopher was so fixated upon.

9. The 21 Best Places To Retire In The World

10. The Surgeon’s Cut: What Do Doctors Listen To In The Operating Theatre.


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