Misplaced priorities maybe?


So I just read a post on 19th Street and I’m really trying not to be judgemental but I can’t help it. So I’m just gonna give my 2 cents here. But first, a little hint on the story.
Apparently, she got pregnant sometimes this year, march precisely and had a baby girl last month whilst in school. She’s one of those people that are grateful for the ongoing strike. In the midst of that, she had issues with her on-and-off boyfriend, the supposed father of the child who eventually proposed. This post reminded me of a lady in my class who has a 4 months old daughter. Most times, she isn’t able to concentrate because she needs to attend to her child who’s almost always cranky. Anyways, this girl’s finding it quite challenging to be punctual and when she isn’t, she’s absent.
Here’s what I think:
1. For a young adult, you have absolutely no business having sex talkless of being pregnant.
2. You need to set your priorities right! If you’re a student, your education should come FIRST!. Working class; your job or whatever you do, your business should be your top priority.
When I see young girls that are my age mates with kids, in mind I’ll be like ”this could have been avoided you know that” There’s this mental convo that goes on in my head because I know what they could have achieved without those kids. There’s no way they won’t be a distraction except you wanna toss them to an orphanage. Really. It’s simple logic. Set goals and standards. Don’t stoop low for anything that isn’t worth it.. Let the Bible be your yardstick. There’s time for absolutely everything under the sun.

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8 thoughts on “Misplaced priorities maybe?”

  1. disclaimer: I am not in support of sex before marriage…. but its the new thing… the normal thing. a couple of days ago, I posted “i spent nights at a guy’s house…” amongst some other things i did that y’all wont approve of, because I knew the reaction it will bring. of course the guy was my bf, and we’ve never had sex. but in this day and age its the expectation. “how can you go to a guy’s house and spend the night without having sex??? body no be wood!!”
    you see tweets like “no sex, watch him become your ex” and I have a church going friend that has sex with her bf.
    the truth is till you see the benefit of it, you can’t hold something in high esteem. girls will still get pregnant out of wedlock because their bf is more valuable to them than education. having clothes is more valuable than education. its crazy but true. we aren’t taught to WANT to be in charge and in control. our growing – years are littered with “getting married references” so if keeping the guy means sex, well so be it…. I donno if I made sense or not, just had to get this across.

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