Mid-Year Review. :D

Mid-Year Review. :D

*Whooop!!! It’s June baby!!

Hiya people!

Welcome to the last month in the first half of the year. 😀 (Is that even correct?!). Moving on, erm okay i was supposed to say something. *sigh. Ok lemme go straight to the subject matter. (Yeah sorry i was distracted)

From time to time i think it’s neecessary to sit down and carry out a sort of self-appraisal. You know. Were basically in the middle of the year. It won’t be a bad idea to take note of those important/not-so-important things that have taken place. It could be anything. Absolutely anything. ( Random me ^_^). If you’re very familiar with this blog,you’ll notice i’m very meticulous. Nothing ever passes without me noticing. I always like to re-evaluate myself and take note of changes as well as differences.

*Enough of the Intro*

Over a few months now (Not necessarily from January) i noticed a couple of ”changes” (i’m short of a better word now) that have occured.

Note that this blog is absolutely about ME (Ebunoluwanimi Adekemi Oluwole ^_^) so don’t get it twisted.

*Yeah i’m really playful today. Get used to it :p*

1. I’m terrible @ keeping in touch. (Yeah who doesn’t know buh now it’s sort of an affirmation -__-).

2. I may have finally taken writing seriously. I see a future in freelance. Remember when i said,my writings were all bout my expressions and something bout my blog being my comfort zone?! Lately i’ve realised i enjoy writing (typing actually) and its kinda become part of me. Well i’d really love to take this further;beyond the borders of this blog.

Moving on…

3. I’ve decided to try my hands on poetry. I know i know what i said before. Well it’s safe to say i’ve had a change of heart even though i haven’t been inspired to try it out. Maybe when i fall in love or something cheesy like that. -__-. I need some kind of drive buh until then….

4. I’m FINALLY supporting a cause – Natural Hair Activism. (Don’t Laugh). I know. I promised a post on that.

5. This past few months i’ve realised i could actually survive been a loner. Don’t get me wrong,i love my friends to bits. I just feel i can live without them as long as there is internet. 🙂 ^_^.

6. I’ve also been able to survive without a bestie. Not very pleasant i tell ya. 🙁 🙁

7. I’ve suddenly become very emotional. Ugh! I’ve just always been good @ hiding them. *sigh. Very annoying something e.g actually crying because of a movie or song. Smh.

Well this is all i’ve been able to take note of. I tried sheii?! LOL.


P.S: i’ve been nominated for the 2013 Christian Bloggers Award! *whoop! *shakes tamborine*. I’ll fill y’all in later. :* :*:*

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