Recap: Social Media Lagos 2014

Recap: Social Media Lagos 2014


So, after much deliberation, I finally succumbed to register for the just concluded #SMWLagos. Yes! Yes! I know what you’re thinking. This is not my typical social gathering especially when young people are involved. I become numb and shy at the same time. But for some reasons, I was particularly looking forward to the SMWNaturalhair, maybe because of the guilt trips of ditching previous meet-ups. Anyways, I literally carried myself( I do not know where the strength came from especially since I’ve been under the weather for the past few days now) to Terra Kulture with the sole purpose of taking hair photos for AN. I’ve recently run out of ideas on what to post.

Left my house early enough(in my mind). Trust Lagos traffic to delay and set you back. Got there, grabbed a seat at the back and took out my camera. Lightning was terrible, couldn’t get clear photos. I’m sure my sitting position also had a lot to do with it because my Samsung P&S takes pretty decent photos effortlessly. After tampering and struggling with the aperture and shutter settings to no avail, I finally left it on AUTO.

1-SMWnatural hair10-004
This is what the panel looked like from my seat.

The panels comprised of three ladies who were ”veterans” in industry so to speak and they did well even though I was barely following. A few times, two of them had accents which sometimes took complete control at the expense of their audibility. Anyways in less than 45mins, the event was over. I gladly jumped around cajoling the ladies into taking photos of their hair. Many gladly obliged, a few weren’t even bothered. I didn’t care. Went behind their backs and took them anyways.

1-SMWnatural hair10-001
Their hair looks very nice.Healthy too.
1-SMWnatural hair10-005
The lady by the right has been growing hers for 7years. I was a bit disappointed,sort of expected more length. She was pleasant too.
1-SMWnatural hair10-006
Kathleen Ndongmo by the extreme right. The lady in the center has been natural for 16years. The one by the extreme left is obviously an half-caste.
1-SMWnatural hair10-003
Natural Nigerian humbly represented by her sister and daughter.
1-SMWnatural hair10-007
Two words. Very.Daring
1-SMWnatural hair10-008
1-SMWnatural hair10
Nibi Lawson a.k.a Kinky Apotheracy‘s lucious curls is the truth! She’s been natural since 1998.
1-SMWnatural hair10-009
The lady by the extreme right has had her locs for 7years also. NN’s sister at the centre.Her hair looks nice too.
1-SMWnatural hair10-002
Group photo with the panelists.

After some 30minutes of mingling and networking(which I didn’t even bother with),the stage was set for the next event,SMWbeautyunmasked.

I had previous planned to attend this earlier so it wasn’t so much of a surprise when I changed my sitting position to get a better view of the subsequent panels. Now, this ladies apparently had a few things in common;
1. They (except one) are all makeup enthusiasts. I wouldn’t call them professionals because I’m not particularly sure they are. I didn’t remember to do a background check on any of them.
2. They(except one maybe) are ”IJGBs”. In Twittersphere, they are referred to people that have spent certain number of years abroad and come home after a while. Their return is often if not all the time accompanied by
3. A new accent. The ladies and host on this panels all had accents. No, I’m not for or against it.. I’m actually indifferent. I’m just pointing out things that stood out for me at the event. As much as I love to listen to eloquent people, I just think that these people also need to work on their audibility. #MyTwoPence.

The host and panelists. Forgive the guy obstructing my view.
The bald lady was the chairman of the occasion,I think. She’s Jamaican. Jackie, by the right is a guest from New York and Thatigbochick is apparently very popular. I like the way she speaks
She looks very plastic,no offence. Her name’s Beauty In Lagos. Never heard of her though.
The lady in the middle. Her name’s Dora. She’s so pretty. Was too lazy to get a closer shot.
This lady’s from ndaniTV. I’m sorry, i don’t know her name.
Time to take Instagram-worthy photos.
Let’s call it a day or rather, a week.

This one was more engaging for me than the previous one. I had a few laughs every now and then and unconsciously had my photos taken. I sat with this lady that came across as an intelligent person. Her response to a question fascinated me. I knew right there and then, I wanted her to be my friend but what did I do? I didn’t remember to ask for her name. At the end, most ladies were hustling to take and instagram photos with members of the panel. I got bored. After I was sure, I had enough photos, I left.

I’m actually glad I went. I don’t think I need any more guilt trips especially since I overhead NaturalNigerian’s sister mention NITC might not hold this quarter.

I know what y’all are thinking. No, i didn’t take any photos with anyone. I didn’t remember. Very typical of me. But I did goof around at home. Actually, Dunni brought it up.

Yeah, she can’t take a picture with a straight face to save her life.
Remind me why she’s my friend again? This is terrible.You know I love you.
This is how it’s done.

Finally, the post can end.

Thank you. See you later. LOL.







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  1. Yay,
    Thanks Ebun for fixing the glitch with the photos!
    I love ThatIgboChick, my favourite Nigerian beauty blogger 🙂

    [and though it’s something we say here, some people find “half-caste” offensive. Mixed race is the more politically correct term]

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