Recap: NIPHEC 2014

Recap: NIPHEC 2014

LCCI Ikeja, Lagos

I heard about NIPHEC for the very first time last year. I can’t remember clearly how now.They had just concluded NIPHEC 2013 and were doing some sort of awareness and whatnot. That was also the period my interest in photography was gaining grounds. Coincidence? I think not. Immediately I made mental plans to attend NIPHEC 2014 but my school had other plans.

I can’t believe I didn’t notice Mr Seun behind that desk! Would have stopped for a selfie 🙁


I was actually looking forward to signing on this board. I think it was on a first come first serve basis. Maybe next time.

My exam timetable was released just about the same time NIPHEC released their’s.The clash was inevitable. I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to make it so I looked forward to NIPHEC 2015 after all, LagosPhotoFest is coming up in September, I didn’t particularly have much to lose. The coordinators probably had me in mind when they introduced the first edition of their Pre-Conference Seminar. I immediately made plans to attend hammering at anyone who cared to listen that I wasn’t gonna be avaliable that day. It was all shades of awesome. I learnt a bit and met new people. Yes y’all I’m meeting people.

L-R: Femi Adewuyi, Tito Eniola Abumere, Debayo Rotilu. Loved meeting them. They were nice and pleasant. Tito is in charge of social media.


Forgive the blurriness. Debayo was trying to explain some stuff. I particularly loved the fact that he was down-to-earth.
The laid-back soft-spoken Femi.
TosinCrown a.k.a TCrown. We bonded almost immediately. I think it was because we’re almost the same size.
A cross section of the attendees majorly Unilag students.
Portraiture class with Dipo Odetoyingbo a.k.a Black Child.

Fast-forward to a few weeks later, the main event started this past Monday. My plans were so messed up, I couldn’t even attend the opening ceremony but fortunately for me, there were Nikon classes which was spanned for 3 days and so I registered and picked the most convenient, the public holiday. I attended with an open mind with so much expectations but some forces beyond me tried and prevailed. Yes, that’s the only explanation.

First class with Cesar Parroco from Nikon
With The Micheal Imomoh. This was the second class, although it was more enlightening, I was already exhausted. Why are those guys looking back?
Never forget to take a picture afterwards. How else would you prove you actually attended? :s

I forgot my SD card at home. Gosh! How could I? How was I gonna write this post without pictures? I almost turned back home. I took a couple though but were stuck on the internal memory. It took me a while before I could figure how to transfer them to the SD card. Meanwhile, I had to look out for social media managers so that I could appear in a few to compensate. So far, I only found this.

I should try not to sit too far away next time. Photo Credit

At the end of the day, information overload was an understatement. The facilitators didn’t even want to end their classes. I guess they enjoyed the response.Oh and btw, Nikon has fully won me over. The D5300 has my heart and my mum’s so fascinated that she can’t stop talking about it. TCrown later invited us for the closing ceremony on Saturday. I made immediate plans to attend. Thankfully I didn’t have any paper to write. I was gonna attend fully armed to make up for the pictures I couldn’t take on Thursday.


The closing ceremony was tagged ”The Outshooters”. It was a photo contest where two pairs of photographers were given subjects to take photos of from any angle and select their best to compete. The guys had a gorgeous bike while the ladies had two absolutely adorable puppies as subjects. There were given 20minutes each and after a period of about 80minutes, two winners emerged from both teams via popular votes.

To start things off, let’s take a selfie 🙂



Prepping the stage with props.


The bike for the guys.
The first competitor, Damilola Elliot doing his thing. He won btw. I personally preferred his because it was more artistic.
The second was Dmayo. I think his approach was more mainstream. I loved his use of shadows and colors though.
Lol!I have no idea why I was laughing.


Aisha Augie Kuta in action Those puppies are so ADORBS!!!!
She won…..duhh!
Acceptance speech. She looks so cute in this photo.


The Seun Akinsanmi! The first time i heard this man speak, I knew I wanted to be associated with him. I’m glad some progress is being made.
The top 5 winners of the Photo Contest. Dmayo’s photo, the one in the middle won the grand prize.
Spotted: Tobbie Maguire a.k.a Tobbinator a.k.a TCD. He’s quite tall though.
TCrown in the building!!!
Caption this.
Annnd it’s a wrap! Phew! How eventful! With Debayo Rotilu of Twelve05Photos

In all, it was great really. For that period of about 3 hours, every single person in that hall shared one passion, photography.  We learnt, laughed, threw jabs, bonded ,photo bombed others and pretended we were the paparazzi.(Technically, we are). I felt the invisible bond that binded less than a hundred of us and it felt amazing even though I barely knew anyone there.Hopefully, by next year, I would have made a few friends.

Alright people this is my little coverage of NIPHEC 2014. By His, it’ll be bigger and better next year.

Photographically yours,


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