May Favorites

May Favorites

1. Oona Chaplin.


At the beginning of the month, I saw The Longest Ride by accident. I planning to see The Avengers and for some reasons I couldn’t. So, I had to settle for the next best option. I loved the movie. I didn’t even know it a Nicholas Sparks’ movie adaptation until the end. I was exhilarated and Oona Chaplin, my new favorite actress was FLAWLESS! I loved every bit of her performance and I can’t believe she hasn’t been in that many movies. And that accent! *swoons* I downloaded the book afterwards and finished it within a week. Yeah, it’s one of Nicholas Sparks’ longest books and I was reading other paperbacks simultaneously.

2. This souvenir from Hans Wilchut.


A couple of weeks ago, I attended a workshop/symposium on Architectural Photography organised by LagosPhoto Festival. They have an habit of sending invites on a regular basis and this was one of them. Private. Cosy. Life-changing. Anyways, Hans was one of the speakers. He’s such a huge architectural photographer and I became a fan instantly. We were all gifted mini pictures of some of his numerous adventures and I got this one from Johannesburg. Awesome I tell you.

3. Pitch Perfect 2


I’m a sucker for musicals and show choirs. When I heard about the making of Pitch Perfect 2, I was psyched especially since I loved the first movie. So, I went into the hall ready to be blown away and I was pleasantly impressed. I remember leaving the cinema with a happy face and moist eyes. There was fun and love and singing and laughter. The box office success is totally worth it.

4. Makeup Free Face.
I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been strutting the streets of Lagos without makeup. It’s not my fault that the weather is incredibly hot and wearing makeup, the whole nine yards is a total waste of time. Especially since, I’m either going to the movies or on errands or even shopping. I just love that I can just hide under my sunglasses without worrying about anything especially recognition. WRONG! Glowingscenes recognized me last week.

5. Bantu Knots.
I’ve had my hair in bantu knots for the past couple of weeks and I’m loving every moment of it. Most especially because my ends are protected and I can literally feel the fresh air on my scalp. No joke. Try it. Problem is, I really lack the guts to wear it outside my neighbourhood, so I just scarf it up when I need to.

6. Patti Smith’s Just Kids.


This is one of the books I read this month and is also quite gaining grounds on my Instagram. It’s a memoir of the rock n roll legend Patti Smith and her late partner/lover/friend Robert Mapplethorpe on their pursuits in New York. It’s quite eye-opening to be honest. People barely write about the ghettos and ratchet life of New York – maybe I’m wrong – but this was different, refreshing. I enjoyed it to some extent especially the the vintage photography aspect that captured my attention. This is easily the most intriguing book I read this month.

7. Bibliophiles/Book handles on Instagram.
Did I mention that I follow mostly bibliophile/book handles – well, apart from the obligatory follow backs – on Instagram? People that post endless selfies and outfit posts exasperate me so I just steer clear of them. Meanwhile, I love how engaging these handles are. I love that we can exchange book ideas and our current reads. It’s just amazing! There are a tons of books I want to read in my lifetime and I just rather swoon at them than at people’s faces. No offence.

8. #Carefreeblackgirl photo of my hair.


Lately, I’ve been allergic to taking pictures of myself. However, it’s kind of unavoidable because I have to compose blog posts on hair. I love this one taken by my kid brother because it’s effortless.

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