Of Marriage, Mediation and Globetrotting

Of Marriage, Mediation and Globetrotting

So I just finished reading both memoirs of Elizabeth Gilbert; Eat, Pray, Love and Commited; A Skeptic Makes Peace With Marriage.

It was an extremely insightful and enlightening read. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey through her first marriage, divorce, search for spirituality, pleasure and eventually love and marriage. But one thing particularly stood out for me; her travels. As a writer, she had the opportunity and privileges to travel the world prior to her self-imposed exile which was one of the perks of her job and the first thing that came to my mind was;

”This is me………in a few years flying across continents, learning new languages whilst capturing moments through words and pictures”

The book(s) resonated with me solely because of the fact that she’s a well-traveled writer. Did I mention that I absolutely love her style of writing? No? I was afraid I would imitate her if I didn’t stop reading. She has automatically been listed into my (writer) role models.

I wasn’t so enthusiastic about her divorce or her search for spirituality in India even though it was quite eye-opening I must confess. Then again that’s what traveling does to you; exposure.
A few things didn’t particularly sit well with me which is of course is quite understandable but most importantly, I got insights into a few things. For instance, I know that in Italy, you might have to eat pasta or any other thing for that matter until it grows out of your hair. In other words, eat till you drop! Thankfully I’m not into food. I also know that it’s not particularly advisable to visit Cambodia; a rather small country by the border of Thailand as they’re not exactly hospitable to tourists given the current situation in their country. I know that you can the best pizza in the world in Naples. I know that Bali has one of the most serene beaches and at the same time the nosiest and busiest streets. Also in Bali, you’re either married or about to be married. They’re no in-bet weens. I know that most of the males from the ages of nine to ninety are monks in Laos and so on.

Then there’s the subject of marriage which of course is main reason the books were originally written. I thought i should stay clear of the issue especially since I’ve been having (varied) ideas lately but then it is unavoidable. After long hours of tedious but rewarding research, she wrote extensively on love, marriage, divorce and intimacy and the salient trends over the years right from the colonial era to western civilization chirping in religious references and relevant quotes which eventually caught and sustained my attention. It was great to know that the current trend of marriage delays didn’t just come into being but has overtime evolved. Women have always been the ones of bear the burnt of marriage as they often times have to give something up; most times their careers to rear children and those that don’t have to are fortunate enough to have supporting husbands. Plus the fact that it’s totally fine to not desire children. The world is large enough to accommodate childless women who sometimes become ”sparents” – spare parents. It’s also important to view marriage not as an institution bound by rules and regulations but as a concession where compromises are made.

She went on and on and I think it’s safe to say that I had a paradigm shift. I know that whatever happens in my life, I never want to get divorced. It’s one of the single most horrible things ever!

Even though I was silently hoping she finds Christ, I was pleased to see that she finally acknowledged the power of praying to God and meditation. I might not totally agree with the Gurus, Sanskrits, chants or mantras but one thing is certain – Mediation is important even to Christians. And yes, you could totally do Yoga as long as you’re doing it right and not meditating on the wrong things.

You know the beauty of books? It takes you around the world in the comfort of your bedroom or couch. After reading these books, some facts were established;

I’m definitely gonna travel the world or as far as my passport carries me.(If Jesus tarries)
I’m definitely gonna learn Italian(and some other languages)
I’m definitely gonna marry a Non-Nigerian who is a globetrotter and multi-linguist (don’t ask why)
I need to check my aversion for food or I’ll starve.
I’ll probably randomly pick one island/country that is conducive enough to raise my children.

So help me God.


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4 thoughts on “Of Marriage, Mediation and Globetrotting

  1. Traveling can equip you with a handful of first hand experiences, you are so right.
    I love your enthusiasm because without it, you can get to a place, lock yourself in your hotel room and leave with only the experiences you were able to gather from the airport.

    I love the way you write, needed some minor editing in one or two places, overall, it’s quite brilliant.
    Thanks for stopping by mine
    You have a stalker now 🙂

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