March Faves

March Faves

This is somewhat weird because I barely listen to music. But in the month of March, I found myself going back to my Deezer playlist almost every night. This, of course came with the best recommendations.
So, in no particular order;


1. The Expression – Gloweeyah Braimah.
I used to have an issue with the spelling of her name but then for some reasons, I got drawn to her album – probably because of the dash of K-Pop (I watch wayy too much K dramas) here and there – and it’s been on repeat since then. My faves are Miracle Worker (Duh!) and God Alone.

2. Colours Of Africa – Sonnie Badu
The first time I heard Sonnie Badu at the Experience, I knew I had to look for his album. Sonnie is the ultimate worshipper and this album ministered to me in every possible way!

3. The Son Of God – Nathaniel Bassey
Worship never felt so good!

I didn’t read that many books in March because, exams but I found a way to squeeze in a few chapters everyday.

1. The Lover – Margaurite Duras
Ugh! This was such a short and disturbing book. The worst thing? It’s actually an autobiographical novel which of course is based on the author ‘s life – a 12yo and her clandestine romance with an older, wealthy Chinese man. Paedophile much?

2. Sentimental Education – Gustave Flaubert
This is one of the most popular French classics but for some reasons because of the length of the book, I kept dropping and picking it up so much that it wasn’t coherent anymore so I finally dumped it. I might pick it up some other time.

3. The Zebra – Alexander Jardin
This is possibly one of the best books I’ve read in recent times. You know how there are no perfect stories and there’s something always wrong the plot or characters or just the general direction of the story? This was perfect and poignant and brilliant! Yes, it was an amazing story but the translation was everything!



1. Miracles From Heaven
I usually don’t cry when watching movies or reading books no matter how deep, moving or just emotional it is. But this time, it’s didn’t know when I started weeping from nowhere. This was such an important movie. About losing faith, miracles and how God allows us go through certain crisis to make us stronger. Coincidentally, I finished one Bible plan on this and I’ve been searching for it again. When I find, I talk about it at length. The best thing about it is that it’s based on a true life story. I loved how the actual family was featured at the end.

2. Deadpool
I saw Deadpool for the second time with friends and it was funny as hell. I felt like I could withstand some of the scenes and get some more references than the first time.

Other Faves.

1. My mini pyrex.


I’ve started buying (measuring) tools. All this time, I got by by simply improvising and basically just eyeballing measurements. But this is a step in the right direction. Just because it isn’t on a large scale doesn’t mean I shouldn’t do things right. So, here’s to new tools and improved formulations.

2. This Introductory course on herbalism. I really want to take this course as well as that of Formula Botanica but the way the exchange rate is set up, I might have to wait until it stabilises. I really can’t wait to be a Certified Organic and Herbal Skincare Formulator. There’s so much to learn and there’s a limit to what I can do on my own. These courses might just be the answer.

3. Highbrow
Someone said something about Highbrow on my timeline the other day and I had to check it out. Well, I’m glad I did. Highbrow lets you learn about a variety of subjects at a time for just five minutes a day. Amazing right? Concise and straight to the point. I just finished Business: SEO Fundamentals just because and I’m currently on Health: How The Body Works. Not like I didn’t know or anything. I just like to be more aware of these things.

4. This photos of me taken at NITC14


Apart from the obvious filter, this first photo just proves that all of the hours and data spent on YouTube to fix my makeup isn’t a waste. A mean I manned the registration stand and I kept getting compliments. Which means I’m doing something right. Apart from the fact that it’s eating deep into my budget – good makeup is frigging expensive – I’m having a swell time unlearning and relearning. The second photo is gold! Bigups to Isioma!

Here’s to a more eventful April!

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