Making Healthy Choices

Making Healthy Choices

Nothing reminds you more of adulthood than health issues.

Over the weekend, I was down with malaria (again). I know, everyone keeps saying that I need to be more cautious because to be honest, I’m totally oblivious to mosquitoes. So, it’s almost always too late before I realise the symptoms. And, then my mum just throws a pack of pills on me which I have to take else I become useless…literally.

Anyways, this time around just as was done treating malaria, I started having breathing problems. In a nutshell, asthma-like symptoms. (I know because my brother was formally asthmatic and he kept taunting me). After about a couple of days, I developed tonsilities – (something salt and water cured temporarily).

I eventually found my way to a doctor/pharmacy to get meds as my mum and I couldn’t sleep. Scratch that, I couldn’t sleep and I dragged her into it. She gave me the necessary meds and I realised that I hadn’t done a proper check up in months. So, I took advantage of the opportunity to check my blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI, e.t.c. All in all, I was pretty healthy except for one thing – my belly body fat was on the high side. I needed to shed it.

My. Worst. Fear.

For a while now, I’ve become aware about a lot of things including healthy living. Between writing about lifestyle and trying to follow the footsteps of Natural Nigerian, my mindset has changed completely. I kind of know what is good and bad for my body even though almost everything causes cancer this days. So, when she showed me the figures, my heart sank. I promise it’s not that terrible. It’s not even obvious. I was just disappointed in myself. I wasn’t practicing what I preached. Good thing is my body weight has been the same for the past ten years now and I don’t have plans to change that.

To be honest, I’ve been lazy. That’s the only explanation I have. The next thing I did was to look for a gym that was nearest to me. Unfortunately, the one I found was quite a distance. For me, the closer it is, the more efficient I can be. Then, I thought about gym gear. I didn’t have any so I had to buy. But in the meantime, I needed to start something.

Of course, my body was sore. I haven’t worked out in almost a year. It’s a tad difficult getting into the vibe. Still struggling till date but I’ve decided to give myself sometime. Three times a week. Basic stretches and jump roping. I also followed Adura on Instagram. She has some really nice and short workout videos to spice things up.

It’s really really really difficult to eat healthy if you don’t live alone. My parents are yet to buy the idea even though my mum is gradually coming to terms with it. So, eating healthy is a bit of a challenge especially if you have staple foods that works for everyone.

As much as possible, I try to cut down on sugar – haven’t had coke in about three months or so. That’s some progress. I don’t exactly have a problem with junk food but this past month has been incredible. I’m working on it, I promise. I’ve imbibed a tea – drinking habit so I have a good replacement for processed drinks in general.

I’m also trying to put some structure in place. That way I could follow through and leave room for cheat days. It’s all about developing habits. Once I can get the hang of it, I should be fine.

Love, smoothies and dumbbells.


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  1. I was asthmatic for like 9 years, not a pretty experience. I have added abit of weight too in the last 3 months 🙁 Largely dependent on the fact that I don’t do as much physical activities that I used to do. I am trying to make-up for it with my diet though. It is hard! Pheww

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