Links I Love + Life Lately.

Links I Love + Life Lately.


Links I Love.
1. This profound piece on The Futility Of Let’s Be Friends.
2. Followed closely by The Real Reasons We Don’t Invite Friends To Church
3. And then Allison’s post on Stop Blogging, Start Writing which resonates deeply with me
4. This guide on 23 Behaviours Of A Gentleman Every Man Should Adopt
5. Donald’s post on Do We Really Connect Through Social Media is spot on.

I’m currently reading Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen which is apparently one of the best books of the century and I’m wondering how.

I can’t get Di’ja’s Aww out of my head. It’s been on replay all week thanks to my brother. Such beautiful song by an equally gorgeous lady.

I’m super excited and looking forward to a number of movie adaptations this year. I just hope they’re shown locally. In meantime, I’m trying catch up with the books before they’re out.

I’ve been journalling again after an awful long time – my bestie was my human journal. It’s such a liberating and cathartic experience. For some reasons, I no longer find fulfilment in ‘strip blogging’. Rather than guilt tripping and throwing pity parties, I’ve found another outlet to let it all out. I feel extremely relieved of the weight on my shoulders. It’s amazing how much bottling up can do to a person. That lifestyle has deprived me of so much that I no longer think rationally so it’s a huge deal for me.

When I was weaning myself off my coke addiction, I didn’t think of a replacement. I did not occur to me that I might have relapsed in the absence of a substitute. After my major illness in 2014, I decided to do a few things differently and then the weather changed and I couldn’t keep up. I’ve been drinking quite a lot of tea lately and I just can’t stop. It’s helped with my nerves and basically, my state of mind. It’s elating.

I know I said my theme for the year is hope. After a few journal entries, I feel hope is inconsequential in this sense. It’s no longer the big picture so to speak but part of something even bigger. If I can keep up with this for the year, I’m gonna be entering into a whole new world of self – discovery. To be honest, it’s frightening but exhilarating. So i’m picking another theme, something that encompasses all of my ”resolutions” for the year; self hope where self and hope are two different entities…if you know what I mean.


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